Elisa Esposito: Age, School, Boyfriend, and Private Life of the TikTok Manuscript Teacher

Elisa Esposito It’s a name on everyone’s lips in the past few weeks. The girl has a TikTok profile Which until recently did not count many followers.

Since he decided to shoot some videos where he pretends to be amanuscript teacheror better cörsivœHis views have risen. But who is Elisa? Let’s find out right away some curious things about her and her Private life.

Which is?

Elisa is one tiktoker that have been displaced in recent weeks. His videos have been played cursive lessons (cörsivœ) Uploaded to tik tok They achieve millions of views, and attract a lot of comments.

Most of these things are sure to be very unpleasant, to the point that a young master should post a file Video showing him speaking normally in everyday life. invention cursive language It was an idea born out of the desire to create something that could spread quickly. You definitely succeeded!

Omar Elisa Esposito

Elisa was born in Milan on July 24, 2003. It is from the verse of the lion and will be completed in a few days 20 years.

Elisa Esposito during an online lesson (@cörsivœ) on TikTok

Engaged Elisa Esposito

In some TikTok video Transformed by the girl, actually Elisa’s friend. However, the news is not official and nothing is known about the identity of the boy who is part of the clips. instead of Instagram profile From tiktoker, there is no evidence that can suggest a possible romance.

Where did you go to school

This is Elisa School of Tourism, in ITT Artemisia Gentileschi. Currently working atAgency which deal with Talents in the influencer marketing sector. According to some rumors, as well as it has become officialManuscript teacher on TikTokwill also land Only the fans.

the family

Not much is known about Elisa’s family. The girl is already She is very private about her private life. So we just know that live in Milan, but not exactly where. It is also unclear if he has brothers or sisters.

Elisa Esposito: Social Connections

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