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At midnight, two weeks after the last social media post about to buy Number One from SpaceX, Tesla posts a photo with the Pope and four of his seven children taken after the meeting in Santa Marta the day before.

At midnight, a photo of Elon Musk with 4 of his seven children greeted by Pope Francis appeared on his Twitter account. The richest man in the world, number one in SpaceX and Tesla.

“We are honored to meet the Pope”

Two weeks ago, Musk didn’t post anything on Twitter, the social media platform he’s about to buy, and then the photo, with the words “Nice to meet @pontifex yesterday.”

Pictured is 4 of his seven children

Also pictured are Musk’s four teenage boys, but not his 18-year-old transgender daughter who, on June 20, attempted to change her name and cut all ties with him. Musk’s comments on the transgender community’s hateful gender pronouns may have infuriated her: in December 2020 she declared on Twitter that she was “totally friendly,” but called all of these pronouns an “aesthetic nightmare.”

Technology for all and corruption

Musk spoke extensively with the Pope in Santa Marta about technological advances in the service possible for all. Another common theme between billionaire Musk and Pope Francis is the problem of the collapse of the birth rate, especially in more developed countries.

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