EU insists: headscarves to promote events for young people

for a while now, European Commission The veiled image is used to promote community initiatives. Just scroll through the official profile dedicated to youth initiatives to see a wide representation of beautiful girls with a barrierA symbol of women’s submission in Islamic culture. There is also an accompanying campaign with the slogan “The future is in your hands” featuring a very young girl with Middle Eastern features wearing a hijab.

These posts have been running for several months, the latest in chronological order on May 24. A practice that seems to want to normalize something that many women living in the West want to rebel against. “Sorry to see, for the thousandth time, worry derivative European Union of Women’s Rights. Brussels continues to promote communication campaigns for European events or projects with veiled women as counterparts. A method the European Union uses to avoid harming the Muslim community and to convey the message that the Islamic headscarf is a symbol of freedom‘, he’s referring to Silvia SardoniMember of the European Parliament at the University.

On various occasions, veiled young women have been used to promote events linked to the European Commission, a ploy to avoid harming the Muslim community but also wanting to convey the message of freedom, but using completely unacceptable methods. “Sadly, the European Union is spreading the message that the Islamic headscarf is a symbol cultural enrichment, respect for religions and traditions, and the freedom of women. We in the League are very clear on this point: the Islamic headscarf is a message of submission, restrictions, and lack of freedom, and should never be used among European symbols or as an image of the future of our continent.Silvia Sardoni points out.

And all this, as emphasized by the MEP of the Association, is part of a context with unpleasant features, because the European Union, with its institutions, appears to be moving in a worrisome direction. “Ironically, while EU institutions seem more interested in dealing with Muslim societies with these choices of image, the left-wing majority in the European Parliament, with the complicity of some MEPs from the Democratic Party, voted against the Identity Group proposal for an in-room debate on the topic persecution of Christians around the world, starting with the tragic case of Deborah Samuel, who was beaten to death and set on fire in Nigeria due to a message on her cell phone’ concludes the League exponent.

The topic that Silvia Sardoni brings to the negotiating table should lead to serious reflection on what the main pillars of the European Union are. Rejection of a discussion on the subject of persecution of Christians and the simultaneous insistence of images evoking Islam and Islam. Islamic world They are not very separate.

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