Gas crunch, how many minutes are you in the shower? Germany divides –

How many minutes should you stay in a hot bath, in times of energy saving? Is it true that the new sobriety required by the times also concerns the private habits of the citizens? Is it legitimate for the government to provide advice in this regard as well? There is only petty controversy seemingly dividing Germany, grappling with lack of gas and oil supplies, as a result of the war in Ukraine. raised byInterview with Green Economy Minister Robert HabeckThe debate spreads across the political class, the media and public opinion.

Heed his advice The ministry, which on June 10 launched the 80 million together campaign to break through the energyVice-Chancellor A . said Der Spiegel In his own small way, he cut down on bathing time even more. He told the anecdote of his fellow Dutchman, who had recently declared with great pride that the Dutch government had succeeded in persuading citizens to reduce the average time spent under the plane from 10 to 5 minutes.: I started laughing – Habeck commented – It hadn’t rained for five minutes in my whole life. I am fast. according to Bild ZeitungHabik showers currently last between one and two minutes. The green leader immediately added that he did not want to impose anything on anyone. But the message is clear: in addition to saving gasoline and electricity, Germans must also wash less, and lower consumption of hot water is a priority to use less gas, which is Germany’s main energy source and the reason for its heavy dependence on Russia.

In fact, the savings potential is not small. According to statistics from GfK, one of the leading market research institutes, currently more than two-thirds of Germans take a shower with an average duration of 11 minutes and a temperature of 36/37 degrees. The energy cost was €914 million in 2021. But not everyone likes this intervention. He can be hapik at his own pace. I don’t look at my watch in the shower. I’m staying there until I’m done, says Vice-President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki, a liberal and his ally in government. Instead, CDU leader Frederick Merz, who claims to use only solar-heated water, ignores the question. Newspaper Die Felt On the other hand, who has always been a champion of individual freedom, he complains about blatant interference in the private sphere and speaks of an ethical attitude towards everyday life. The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, the Social Democrat Stefan Weil, warned: I haven’t taken a shower for a long time, but I certainly don’t have a robotic economizer that prevents a plane. Definitely a matter of the zeitgeist. The communal bath was introduced by the physician Marie Delaboste in French prisons in 1872, with the aim of providing better hygiene for the prisoners. Over time, the habit, as an alternative to the bathroom, has become almost a non-negotiable human right. On the other hand, the great Umberto Eco argued that it was ideal for him to be able to write his books in the bathroom. For Luciano De Crescenzo, the shower, on the other hand, distinguished the Stoic Italians of the North from the skeptics of the South, who loved the bathtub. while the Sddetusche Zeitung He recalls the story of Renato Villazon, whose unusual properties were discovered by chance by the director of the Mexican Academy of Music, who listened to his angry voice in the bathroom through an open window on the street. Much. The spirit of the times is changing. And if even a few months ago, due to the epidemic, it was recommended to wash your hands several times a day with hot water, now it is time for a short shower, and given the hot season, perhaps it will be cold. And if someone had doubts or could not do it, it would be enough to go and review or simply remember Psycho by Hitchcock, the movie that changed our relationship with pigeons forever.

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