Genshin Impact accused of bleaching new characters from Sumeru –

In recent days, several leaks have surfaced on the network depicting new characters of Jinshin effect From the Sumero region, which except for surprises, will be presented with version 3.0 of the RPG. At the same time, a rather heated controversy also arose, with players criticizing Hoyoverse for the skin tone chosen for these. new charactersaccusing her whitening.

According to the information known so far, Sumeru must have been inspired by the cultures of Southwest Asia and North Africa. The name also indicates a possible connection with the Sumerians and Mesopotamia.

However, the characters that have appeared so far on the network, which we remember have not been officially confirmed, have one Light skin tonewhich made many players turn their noses up, who now accuse the developers of not wanting to represent dark-skinned characters in Genshin Impact.

Currently, Genshin Impact’s diverse cast includes only two dark-skinned characters. This choice was partly justified by the community due to the willingness of developers to be represented by regions in certain cultures and countries of the world characterized by mostly fair-skinned populations: Mondstadt represents medieval Germany, Liyue China, and Inazuma Japan. However, with the arrival of Sumero, many players were expecting a greater number of characters of different races, which sparked the controversy prevailing these days.

Meanwhile, Hoyoverse has announced the date and time for the official submission of Update 2.8 from Genshin Impact.

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