Google is improving Password Manager for Android, Mac, Windows and iOS

Google improves Password Manager for Android, Mac, Windows and iOS –

residenceconcealmentInternetGoogle is improving Password Manager for Android, Mac, Windows and iOS

The Password manager Google is easier to use and more consistent across platforms – the tool has just been updated to help users make their accounts more secure. How? First and foremost by unifying the user experience between Chrome and Android, especially by automatically collecting passwords for the same sites and apps.

This means that you can now add passwords directly to Google Password Manager and save them so you can find them when you sign in with your account on another device. Then there is a new function called Touch to login With it, sites can be accessed more quickly through Chrome on Android by integrating biometric verification.

In addition, Google can now warn you via the Password Checker screen when hacked credentials are used. Basically, Android users will be notified with weak passwords or those already chosen for other services, so that they can debug the problem more easily by [la funzione di modifica automatica delle password][]. These alerts, they say, will also be available to Chrome users on iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Google password manager

Google last week added the ability to set Chrome as the autofill provider on iOS with the goal of making it easier to use Google Password Manager in any app on the iPhone. We also remind you that Google has recently introduced the ability to create a link to the Google Password Manager on the Android home screen.

Password security is an issue the company cares about a lot and whose efforts are currently paying off: At the start of the year, a study revealed that the use of two-factor authentication actually allowed account theft to be halved. And while we’re at it, if you have an iPhone and want to switch to Android, here’s the app for you.

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