He will be the first to use the “ARAS” system

Three versions will be launched on the market 16 years after the launch of the legendary Piaggio scooter! The peculiarity lies in the fact that the scooter will be equipped with driving assistance with the ARAS system!

The legendary three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 – Motori.News

The legendary Piaggio Mp3, the three-wheeled scooter that has become a true icon has been revamped! There are three versions available. The first two versions – the model MP3 400 hpe And that MP3 400 hpe Sport – Equipped with a 400 cc engine and 35 hp. Instead, the third version – the top of the range – is MP3 530 hpe exclusivewhich uses a 530 hpe engine with 44 hp.

After its debut on the market, which took place in the spring of 2006, here is the new Piaggio Mp3! It will be the world’s first scooter to be fitted with steering assistance. What are we referring to? In practice, Piaggio decided to provide the model with ARAS, i.e. Advanced Driver Assistance System. These assistance systems have been developed in a highly technological and advanced way by the robotics company Piaggio Fast Forward. ARAS devices are equipped with 4D imaging radar technology.

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Piaggio Mp3: Here are the three new releases! – Engines

Among the many functions found in this new version of the legendary Piaggio Mp3 there is navigation and communication, but not only. In fact, There is also cruise control and engine mapping on the 530 hpe Exclusive. In addition, the user will be able to get real-time images from the rear view camera when reversing. This post – we refer to reverse gear – it’s a A specific and exclusive feature of this 3-wheeler model.

New Piaggio Mp3 debuts: everything you need to know!

The new Piaggio Mp3 design is sportier and more comfortable than the previous version. The user will have a more comfortable driving position than before, thanks to the steering wheel and windshield placed in a different and more practical position. The saddle will be very comfortable for both the driver and passenger on the plane!

The design of the car has become more linear than before, which shows how much Piaggio has thought about everything. Therefore, not only for functionality and increased safety on the road, but also for a purely aesthetic aspect and relative comfort! Piaggio decided to abandon the previous 300 cc version. Everything was renewed, but the brand of the three wheels remained – of course – intact!

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Piaggio Mp3: The world’s first scooter with ARAS system – Motori.News

But how much does the new Piaggio Mp3 cost? The price varies depending on the version you wish to purchase. The cost of the MP3 400 hpe is 10,499 euros, while the price of the MP3 400 hpe Sport will cost 500 euros. Instead, the more technical and powerful version – MP3 530 hpe Exclusive – will cost 12,999 euros! These days the new Piaggio Mp3 will make its road debut!

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