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New symptoms of monkeypox, a highly contagious sexually transmitted epidemic

A study of the current monkeypox epidemic in the UK has found important differences in the symptoms of current patients compared with those seen in previous outbreaks elsewhere in the world, reports The Lancet Infectious Diseases. The study looked at 54 patients who attended sexual health clinics in London and were diagnosed with monkeypox over a 12-day period in May this year. The results showed that patients in this group had a higher prevalence of skin lesions in the genital and anal area The prevalence of fatigue and fever was lower than the monkeypox outbreaks studied previously. The authors also speculate that the high prevalence of genital skin lesions in patients and the high rate of sexually transmitted infections mean that sexual health clinics are likely to see more cases of monkeypox.

to meCurrently, the UK and many other countries are experiencing a rapid increase in monkeypox cases Among the people attending sexual health clinics, with no clear link to countries where the disease is endemic, says Nicole Jerometti of London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He added that this study will be useful for clinical care in the future. The 54 patients observed in this study represented 60% of the cases reported in the UK during the 12-day study period in May 2022. All but two of the patients in this group did not know whether or not they had been in contact with a known case. One reported having traveled to sub-Saharan Africa; However, according to research, many have recently visited other European countries. All patients were identified as MSM and had a mean age of 41 years. All patients were symptomatic and had skin lesions. 94% of patients had at least one skin lesion in the genital or perianal skin. The study adds that most patients recovered during home isolation, but five people required hospitalization due to pain or infection from skin lesions, but all improved.

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