Here are the 3 most loving zodiac signs in a relationship

If we (almost) are all looking for a soul mate, not everyone interprets this “need” the same way. The same is true of the type of relationship: there are those who are very passionate and those who are more detached, and it is not easy to separate every form of relationship or situation into “segments.” There are many who act affectionately in principle but with time this tendency tends to “wane”, but not for everyone: here are the zodiac signs that remain forever affectionate towards a partner. Which one are they?

Here are the 3 most loving zodiac signs in a relationship


It’s not easy being with a Virgo, but not because it’s not “rewarding,” far from it. It is a sign that turns out to be very demanding in all circumstances but on the other hand deals with interests from an emotional point of view. Both in practical action, but also in words and gifts, it makes the partner feel that he is the center of the world.


Never being overly clingy (as a rule), Pisces cannot ignore a state of constant expression of affection. Being creative by nature, as well as a dreamer, he always has wonderful projects that inevitably lead to the partner of this sign undoubtedly surrounded by attention and love.


He has a particularly peculiar way of showing his feelings, but he certainly gets noticed: he’s the type to give flashy gifts, send messages to heaven and others who may “override” his sense of good taste but are undoubtedly a symptom of great affection.

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