Here’s the proof: When Trump tried to drive to Capitol Hill with the rebels – videos and photos

During the last public hearing of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the attack on Capitol Hill, Cassidy Hutchinsonan aide to Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadowinformed the House committee that the former US president would attempt to reach the Capitol during the clashes. trumpaccording to Hutchinson’s testimony, after shouting to his subordinates, “I’m the boss, damn it, take me there,” He’ll try to get on the steering wheel of the presidential car, get behind the wheel himself and head to the Capitol. The former US president, commenting on Hutchinson’s statements, called the remarks “ridiculous,” and accused the former collaborator of “a complete lie” and an “informant.”

However, some users on various platforms, including Twitter and Reddit, claim that they found the alleged moment when Trump tried to take control of the steering wheel of the presidential car. It is possible to take a look at some of the figures moving inside the car from the video, but it is not possible to distinguish precisely the movements of the people on board, by looking at the tinted windows. However, some users, trying to enlarge the tire and change the contrast, may have identified a silhouette leaning forward, identifying the hand trying to approach the steering wheel of the car. In light of Hutchinson’s remarks, according to a reconstructed analysis of the video clip of several attempts, the hand could have been the hand of former President Trump. To confirm what happened, however, more testimonies and evidence will be needed, more clearly, to explain what (also) happened inside the presidential car.

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