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The opening performance of the 56th Syracuse Festival of Greek Theater: It is “Le Baccanti” Euripides, directed by Catalan Carles Padressa, proposed by Ray Kaltura on Saturday 2 July at 9.15 pm on Ray 5. East, with entourage from Asia Baki, to Thebes, Where he is not recognized by his family or sect. The court women, owned by a deity, flee to the mountains to celebrate the ritual, while the ancient king Cadmus and the organist Tiresias adapt. Only King Pentheus, the cousin of the god, refuses this cult and fights the god, but he will be deceived, deceived and persuaded, at last, to follow Dionysus to the mountains, where he is the victim of the delirium of his mother Agave, and the mistake is that she is just, slain at her hand.
The work was translated by Guido Paduano. The choreography is signed by Mireia Romero Mirales, who is also the assistant director. Scenes and music directed by Carles Padressa, one of the founders of Fura dels Baus. Direction of Choirs by Simonetta Cartia. Collaboration in the play by Tony Garbini, Michele Salimbini. The show was taped at the Greek Theater in Syracuse in July 2021. TV directing by Marco Odeto, editorial project by Felice Capa.

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