Mercedesz and Eva Henger together for the first time in two years

In addition to the mother, Mercedes was able to meet

younger sister

, 13-year-old Jennifer Karoliti, who is very attached to her. “Le Henger is finally reunited – the influencer wrote as he posts a snap on Instagram – I won’t add anything else because it will diminish

The feeling behind these pictures


The mother-daughter relationship had cracked within three years of the Mercedes relationship

Lucas Perracci

Eva doesn’t particularly like her. The two tried several times to explain, even in TV halls, without making real peace.

Recently, the Eva road accident in Hungary, which killed two people, and Mercedes’ participation in “Celebrity Island” certainly brought them closer together. During the final episode of the reality show Canale 5, which aired on Monday, June 27, the former porn star wanted to surprise her daughter by sending it to them.

video message


“I can’t wait to see you again – he said to her – I’ve thought a lot about what happened,

I want to apologize

. I’m so sorry I haven’t seen each other for a very long time, mostly my fault. I should have solved the situation differently, and hopefully we can get over those ugly things. ”

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