Milan, details of the new agreements with Maldini and Massara: more freedom, within budget

The first rumors began to emerge regarding the previously signed new contract Paolo Maldini And the Frederic MassaraIt was made official in the evening by Milan after the signings yesterday. According to reports from Milan NewsOne of the main points that Maldini was satisfied with was the operations during the buying campaign. The manager could have had freedom of action on the personal files to be addressed, without the phases of confrontation (or intervention according to schools of thought) that have characterized the work done thus far.

This means a More flexible At the stage of deciding to buy a player, but this does not mean that Maldini and Massara will have the keys to the safe of AC Milan in their hands. Their operational independence must remain within the general guidelines and budget that will be provided to them by the club’s board of directors.

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