Moscow admits it has run out of weapons and ammunition –

Ukrainians have similar problems and are counting on NATO to solve them. In the meantime, they are trying to reassure the United States, as one has suggested sending inspectors to see how the massive support is being dealt with.

time for Inspections at the front. Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov arrived in Ukraine to consult with the unit’s officers. The mission coincided with New progress in the inhabited center of Lysekhanskwhose fall now seems imminent: a major success with an advance made possible thanks to intense bombing, with the expenditure of tanks and men.

industrial packing

Thursday, for the first time, Russia has admitted – at least indirectly – that it suffers from a shortage of weapons and ammunition. In fact, the Kremlin submitted to the State Duma a proposal for a federal law providing for special economic measures aimed at combating terrorism and other operations outside the Russian borders. Among these, there is a reference to Need to repair weapons and military equipment more quickly used in the ongoing special military operation in the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and in Ukraine, to activate material resources in state reserves, and to implement Temporary Industrial Packaging Which includes overtime in individual organisations. In practice, the law states that – also due to restrictive measures against Russian citizens and legal entities – Entire industrial sectors are being diverted to the war effort To increase the production capacity of the military sector and reorganize logistical supplies. If approved, it would also give the Kremlin the power to set labor relationship regulations for certain organizations, and for select manufacturing plants.

– News of the second day of July about the war.


Kyiv has Problems similar to those of the enemy, relying on NATO to solve it. The US launched another package that includes other guided missiles for the Himar, 170,000 bullets for 155mm guns, and new radars to detect invader batteries. Details that confirm the artillery challenge remains central, a stage also highlighted by the media messages. In fact, the American press has devoted several articles of its own HIMARS efficacy: To allow the targets to be reached with depth and accuracy, many of the Russian deposits were destroyed, and the soldiers could shoot and move away quickly without the risk of injury themselves. They ordered 300 they only have about tenAccording to one expert, about sixty people will be enough. Ukrainian soldiers, equipped with US M777 self-propelled vehicles, told how they had 5-10 minutes to fire five shots and then turn away before starting to respond. The opponent often relies on Giatsint pistols, 152 mm caliber, who lose accuracy at long distances. So They compensate with incendiary fragmentsThus, it covers a larger area. Quantity – as the saying goes – becomes quality. Servants always complain about the conditions of the received M777: it is not completely new, it requires a lot of maintenance, and it is not always possible to implement it correctly due to the lack of instructions.


Moscow is dripping with missiles of all kinds. Actually it took Anti-ship systems on land targetsIn the space of a few days, hundreds of orders were issued, in particular, to the alleged barracks, civilian sites and arms depots. The Ukrainians claim that they scattered the most valuable materials – Hemars, M777, French Caesar, lead – as the primary target of Russia. Railroad trains carrying vehicles sent from the West contain some empty wagonsAnd the same for trucks, it is not excluded that there are some marches of owl vehicles to deceive the reconnaissance. Small gaps in oversight may seem dangerous but It may be an indirect reassurance to the United StatesOne of them suggested sending inspectors to the Ukrainian territory to see how to deal with the massive subsidies. Instead, the Russians, once again, offered one of their armored trains, the Yenisei: short armor, on board machine guns and armored vehicles, They use it to patrol, to maintain safety on the logistics core networkTransportation equipment. Sometimes he moves along with an attack helicopter that is sent to the front, and a flying explorer is ready to point out traps. It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of these means, because they fall within the traditions of the army and have been preserved over time.

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