Nuoro, Standardizing Nephrology and Medicine in San Francisco

Temporary integration, of an urgent nature, of the Medicine, Nephrology and Dialysis operating units of the normal hospitalization activity at the San Francisco de Noro Hospital.

Based on the judgment signed by Grazia Catena, Director of Pou Asl Nuoro, we read in a note, the need to “ensure continuity of care in the Medicine, Geriatrics and Nephrology units,” which is why the merger is requested, “through joint shifts, for the UO Nephrology and Dialysis medical team.” (limited to 4 doctors on duty in 24 hours) with the Uo medicine team, with provision to carry out the entire service hours in the context of the “medical unit and contribute to the inter-departmental custodial with the geriatric unit”.

The document also states that “a similar integration of nursing and support staff working in the regular hospitalization ward of the nephrology and dialysis unit should be carried out.”

The director therefore calls on the directors of medicine, geriatrics, nephrology, and dialysis to ensure this.” expediting, if conditions exist, the activities of: unloading, protected discharge or transfer of patients to other facilities, In order to ensure the availability of beds in the medical departments or the geriatric unit for patients who cannot be separated from the nephrology unit and who will be welcomed as guests.”

Transportation that, “with the temporary suspension of normal hospitalization activities in the nephrology ward, is to be expected for July 4th”, the day on which “hospital admission to the specialty of the nephrology unit is scheduled to be arranged in the unit, but patients are assisted” in the medicine department.

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