Oh Palestinians, let’s learn to live together – Middle East

It is time for extremism to “stop” in Israel. This is the call of interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid in his first public speech since he took office from Naftali Bennett. In the country, he added, “Extremism does not come to politics from the streets, it is the opposite. It flows like lava from politics into the streets.” “The political sphere – noting the climate of recent years – is becoming increasingly extremist, violent and sinister, and is dragging Israeli society with it. We must stop this. This is the challenge we face,” he added.
He continued that Israel “reaches out its hand to all the peoples of the Middle East, including the Palestinians, and says: It is time for you to realize that we will never leave here, so let us learn to live together.” He added: “We believe that as long as Israel’s security needs are met, Israel – as he said – will be a country that seeks peace.”

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