Pancreatitis: care and treatment

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that causes disturbing disturbances in the well-being of the whole organism. The main symptom is abdominal pain, but it is not the only one. However, disease prevention is possible: Here’s how.

The pancreas It is a gland responsible for balancing the digestive system and blood sugar in the body. If caught talking about pancreatitisIt can be acute, if it occurs suddenly and violently, or chronic, if it persists for a long time with a gradual exacerbation.

The causes of pancreatitis can be different, but they are above all diseases of the bile ducts, in particular from stones Gallbladder Born in liverto cause stagnation of pancreatic juice.

Acute pancreatitis is manifested by severe pain in the upper abdomen, but it disappears within a few days or weeks, unlike chronic pancreatitis in which the abdominal pain is persistent or also leads to slow weight loss that makes us suspect that something is wrong.

Pancreatitis should not be underestimated: it is not a simple stomach ache, but it can lead to real diseases and in the most serious cases cause pancreatitis. the deathaffecting the whole organism.

Pancreatitis: When to be concerned

Pancreatitis: care and treatment

Symptoms of pancreatitis are usually felt after meals, when nausea, vomiting, biliary food, and sometimesDrunk and low blood pressure.

At diagnosis, oral feeding is suspended for a few days, and the patient is fed if necessary via a tube or drip. As for pain control, analgesics and hydrating solutions are used to combat the resulting fluid loss Vomiting and sweating. In very severe cases, treatment with Antibiotics To avoid internal infections of diseased pancreatic tissue.

Sometimes it is possible to intervene surgically To remove any stones that obstruct the flow of pancreatic fluid. In this case, surgical treatment is carried out by removing the necrotic pancreatic duct or with draining the fluid accumulated inside it. Alternatively, a cholecystectomy (cholecystectomy) may be performed if there is a real risk of developing a new case of obstructive pancreatitis;

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