Paola Tursi and Francesca Pascal, the wedding is today in Montalcino

At Castello di Velona today it is only possible to check out. No one can enter, except for 30 guests from Paola Tursi And the Francesca Pascalwho will join civil today, July 2, at 5 pm at Palazzo dei Priori, seat of the municipality Montalcino. must be responsible for mayorAnd the Silvio Franceselliwhich also has two other concerts on the agenda, in addition to being at the Palio di Siena.

Francesca Pascal and Paola Torsi brides in Montalcino on July 2, mayor: “a wonderful celebration”

by Chiarastella Foschini

The wedding in Montalcino

In the castle, where rooms range from 900 to 6000 euros per night, and in the health center of 1500 square meters, the water, heated, arrives from the nearby Monte Amiata, on July 2 it is marked in red: no one else, other than the guests, can , staying in his room (one of them has three rooms, a panoramic balcony and a thermal pool). Yesterday arrived, with our first dinner at Dolce Vita Pool, the poolside restaurant, overlooking the hills, vineyards and olive groves that surround the castle, which was built on a spur of rock in the eleventh century and became a luxury setting in 1997. At the restaurant table (Usually open for lunch only) Ears of wheat and sunflowers were chosen, while other decorations were selected hydrangeas, roses, and white turmeric.

Turci-Pascale’s wedding in Montalcino: why did they choose the castle of Velona

Tonight’s menu (which will contain more vegetarian suggestions) will be signed by the Executive Chef Riccardo PacciotiniHe arrived at the castle after working at the three-Michelin-star Hotel Noma in Copenhagen. But in the other details mouths are sewn, and on the other hand the story between the singer-songwriter and ex-partner of Silvio Berlusconi It was always reserved. No interviews, no glaring public gestures in those two years, as they were immortalized together in some photos from Today.

Feedback: From Paolo Berlusconi to Vladimir Luxoria

many Regardsincluding Paolo Berlusconi, Silvio’s brother, who said yesterday: “Forged for Pascal, a person who has been close to my brother for several years, best wishes for a happy life.” But others, besides the defenses of homophobic insults They arrived after the news broke, among others, from Senator B.D. Monica Serena, from the Antino Arquegai Association of Naples and Naples Pride (which they participated together last year), from Liguria President Giovanni Totti and from Vladimir Luxoria who specified: “I would say that they are They got married, in fact they unite because in Italy there is still an equal marriage.”

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