Price, release period and hardware specifications according to Jez Corden

Back in his recent statements about the rumored Xbox Series Y handheld, WindowsCentral reporter and insider Jez Corden reflected on the potential launch period, price and hardware specifications of the new Xbox Series family’s virtual console.

Discuss the topic in the context of the latest podcast Rand in Thor 19Corden first claimed that there was no evidence to support the thesis that Microsoft was about to launch a portable console on the market soon, only to determine that based on the information gathered, Redmond designers are already working on a similar project by making prototypes of the Xbox Series Y.

Based on details learned from his anonymous sources, WindowsCentral Reporter believes that Microsoft could launch this new console During the next two to three years, and therefore not before 2024. As for hardware specifications, Corden argues it will be enough to guarantee access to Xbox Cloud Gaming but not to play video games “locally” like a traditional portable console. This approach, according to Corden, will have the undoubted advantage of not exacerbating the workload required of developers who, on the contrary, will be obliged to actively support the console through special ports or exclusive video games.

Consider the screen size (not less than 7 inches diagonal such as the Switch, according to Corden) and relatively “modest” hardware equipment but in any case including a stand and removable controllers, the journalist and insider finally predicts that the Xbox Series Y can be marketed at a very competitive price, i.e. between 150 and 200 dollars.

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