Raphael tells Viola the truth

viola / place in the sun

Viola / A Place in the Sun (Rai credits)

Monday 4 July 2022on me Rai 3And the place in the sun He offers us the truth to tell, asking for help and endless intervention… So let’s see what happens as:

Rafael (Patrizio Rispo) is surprised by Viola in the immediate vicinity of Eugenio’s (Paolo Romano) computer and now has to tell her the truth about the threats he has received from Lello Valsano (Gianluca Pugliese). Meanwhile, Nunzio (Vladimir Randazzo) informs Franco of his plans to escape with Chiara (Alessandra Massi) and asks his adoptive father for help in obtaining false documents. Guido (Germano Bellavia) recommends Mariela (Antonella Brisco) not to interfere, but she insists on creating opportunities for Samuel (Samuel Cavallo) and Espedito (Antonio Conte) to “brother”.

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