Remember “no cost”, cars that pay for ads? Everyone cheated

At no cost, someone will surely remember this initiative. These are cars that users bought through a certain system. The company tricked users into believing they could own luxury cars for free.

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In fact, behind all this there was one maxi scamcarried out by the company for years Vantage Group. Buyers became free car owners, taking advantage of the advertising system.

The user can drive and get the car At no costPay small installments and repay them via ads on cars.

No cost, that’s how the scam worked

It was a really low-cost proposition At no cost, which seemed tempting to many at first. But the scheme behind it was a Ponzi scheme. So the money for new customers who joined the program came in They used to pay premiums for those who were cheated for longer.

Therefore, there is no zero cost to anyone. Customers were initially forced into it open loanPay the cost of advertising messages. Then the company paid each of them the same amount of the premium. The Antitrust Authority has studied the fraud over the yearsto deal with it just now.

Vantage Group has been fined. The Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office is also dealing with the scam The company was accused of tax evasion and money laundering. The trial will begin on July 6. The number of victims is estimated at 4,600.

What is the current status of fraudulent users

All this shows how in the world of marketing, there is no free interest, The price to pay is always there. In this specific case, in fact, the new car cannot be presented as a gift in exchange for ads. Initially, customers paid €7,000, or advertising costs.

Then they all slowly paid from 340 to 440 euros based on the installments that the customer prefers, and he will pay not only the car but also a share Fuel and insurance costs. We are talking about a project born in 2016 that raised some doubts. There was already talk at the time of the fraud.

However, the system collapsed in August 2018. Who has finished paying for the car now Don’t risk being kidnapped. Those who have to finish paying, unfortunately, will still have to Pay off the loan. Only then can you file a claim for compensation.

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