Roosters and chickens, these are the most common diseases: let’s tackle the problems

Roosters and chickens: what are the most common diseases that need to be controlled. Follow our guide and find out how to solve it in no time.

Cocks and hens (Photo by munzelminka from Pixabay)

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Orcs and chickens are scratching in the garden. Fresh eggs and chicks are grabbed. Beautiful rural landscape. Something breaks and upsets the general balance.

Today we are talking about diseases The most common that can infect chickens and roosters. We will analyze the pathology of origin Viral, bacterial and parasitic.

Roosters and chickens: what are the most common diseases and how to recognize them

chicken chick diseases
Chicks (Image by Marcel Langetheim from Pixabay)

Among the diseases of viral origin we find a disease New Castle Also known as false birds. Symptoms include digestive problems that appear through the coloring Green color from stool. The paralysis The whole body, including the organ respiratory.

This virus has been shown to be fatal to chickens and chickens and there is currently no known cure. The only treatment is vaccination, and therefore the preventive route. there false birds It is also highly contagious. We find among the viral diseases Marek’s disease.

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This disease, technically known as neuroblastoma, is transmitted not only by contact between animals but also by an egg. Symptoms are mainly of neurological origin but also include disorders of the digestive system. abnormal contractions Limbs and progressive paralysis are the most common symptoms.

This disease affects young chickens and chickens, so vaccination is recommended already in the first years of life. The mortality rate is high. Then there is a file diphtheria, or chicken pox. Symptoms are not the most aesthetically pleasing: they include the formation of skin ulcers and diphtheria that extend to mouth cavity.

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It is transmitted by insect bites, so mostly in the summer, but also by contact between similar bites. Tincture of iodine, to relieve pain and ulcer inflammation, and vaccination again is the only way to go. Among the bacterial diseases we find parrotosis, contagious chorzia and cholera.

The first provokes High fever, rapid weight loss and pneumonia. It is transmitted through bodily fluids such as tears, nasal fluids and feces. can move toman. there infectious corzia It develops due to unsuitable climates and environments for the species. symptoms: Facial swelling and colds. It is treated with Serum.

The bird cholera Manifested by bluish chicken breasts, blood in feces, drowsiness, diarrhea, a tendency to hide the head under the wings. Once again, the Serum. Let’s move on to parasitic infestation.

The worms They are the most common internal parasite that infects poultry. It is transmitted by feces or by ingestion of invertebrates. Larvae and worms infect the intestine to the point of blocking or provoking it internal injuries. Shock therapy involves managing Antihelminthic drugs.

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