Rossella Brescia: age, height, children, partner, illness

Rosella Brescia she was dancer successful and conductor From several primetime TV shows, today is ridiculous Radio amplifier!

However, little is known about it. Let’s find out in this article where she was born, how old she is and much more!

Rosella Brescia: age and occupation

She was a little introverted, but one day she amazed everyone with her stage performance as a ballerina.

Thus began the career of Rosella Brescia, born in Taranto in the town Martina Franca The August 20, 1971.

At the age of fifty, today Rossella is recognized as one of the more talent Ballet dancers from our country.

Rossella Brescia also won for her exceptional beauty and talent Miss Smile Polya He first appeared on the small screen in 1994 in the show He made all the house From bebo budu.

Then she works as a dancer Hearts and coins And the summer tabletBut the program that will dedicate it will be Get a nice one.

In the role of the actress, Rossella appeared in 2004 in one of the most beloved novels of the Italian audience, Don Mathieu.

We also remember Rossella as the co-host of the comedy show Coloradowhich he watched live on Italy 1 from 2004 to 2010.

For several years, Brescia has been involved in the radio field, conducting a satirical and thematic program radio RDS.

Rossella Brescia: Height

long dancer 170 cm.

Rosella Brescia: mate

Brescia married a famous TV director Roberto SensiHowever, she was only 4 years old.

He’s been in his life for ten years Luciano Mattia Canetto. The two met and fell in love on the occasion of a show Carmen In the theater, where Rosella was the hero.

russella children

The actress admitted that her biggest pain is pain Inability to have a child.

Rossella says that she is satisfied with her life, which has brought her a lot of luck, but she feels an emptiness within herself.

The absence of the child is something Rosella Brescia misses and that makes her feel incomplete.

his illness

Rosella Brescia revealed in some interviews that she suffers from a chronic disease with which she has been living for years.

This is theEndometrialWhich led to her having a very painful menstrual cycle, which is difficult to manage especially in her adolescence.

Being able to manage the problem and reconcile it with training, then, is something a dancer reveals to be very complex, especially in the teenage years.

Rossella Brescia is active on social media. Below are his official profiles:

We hope to see her soon on TikTok too!

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