Samsung, 55″ Smart TV at a Competitive Price: Exaggerated Discount

At the beginning of July they return to Show A little bit of the Samsung Smart TV Bestseller in recent months. We are talking about AU7100 . TV Series It was put on the market last year, but it is very reliable and above all costs very little. Today, one of these models Back in the premiere on me Amazon And letting him escape would be a huge mistake. This is the 55 inch model available on one e-commerce platform 47% off yes Save 350 Euro in the price list. But it does not end there: in fact, there is also a possibility Pay it in 5 installments without interest.

This Samsung Smart TV is perfect for anyone looking for a big TV, but without having to break the budget. Quality at the right price. The screen makes sense in 4K UHD, but the most important features don’t end there. It has dedicated technologies specifically designed to improve image quality, as well as a processor that makes everything smoother. Excellent too The operating system which supports major video streaming platforms. In short, if you’ve been looking for the right time to buy your new Smart TV, it’s today.

Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV: Technical Sheet

They are few and simple Requirements Who should have one Smart TV in 2022Great screen, smooth images with vibrant colors, a good processor, and an operating system that supports all major video streaming applications. Exactly what we find in this Samsung UE55AU7190.

As mentioned, the South Korean company’s smart TV has one 55 inch screen with 4K UHD Resolution It offers really vibrant colors. Also featured is the proprietary PurColor technology that allows the TV to express a wide range of colors. We also find a file Motion Xcelerator Technology Thanks to the help of artificial intelligence, it compensates for missing frames, so that images and movements are always smooth (very useful with video games and sports programmes). There is no shortage of HDR support that improves screen brightness and contrast.

Managed multimedia platform Tizen OS,Warranty for Smart TVs. We find all the most used video streaming apps, ranging from various Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, DAZN, YouTube, Disney+ and Apple TV. In addition, Samsung also offers the free Samsung TV Plus app, where we find exclusive and trendy content.

The Smart TV It’s also designed for those who work smart and need a very large screen. thanks for the PC on TV function It only takes a few seconds to connect the computer to the TV. The same goes for the smartphone thanks to the Tap View function.

Samsung 55 inch smart tv on amazon: price and discount

prices drop And the All-time low for Samsung Smart TV UE55AU7190: Today we find it on Amazon at a price Price 399 euros Thanks to Excellent discount 47%. By buying it now, you will save exactly 350 euros and you can also pay it in installments without interest: 5 monthly installments of 79.80 €. The Smart TV is shipped and sold directly from the e-commerce site and for delivery you have to wait a few days (for Prime customers it’s free too). You also have plenty of time to try it out: there are 30 days to go back.

Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV

Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV

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