Sony Santa Monica press release about the penis has been sent to the developer –

Sony Santa Monica Posted Official press release Reply to a case penis pictures that was sent by PlayStation players to a developer in an attempt to extort the release date of God of War: Ragnarok from her.

Everyone at Santa Monica Studio is working on creating a game you’ll be proud of, and one that we hope players will enjoy when they launch.

Our fans are an inspiration to us and we understand the passion and desire for more information. But this passion should not become toxic and should not cost human dignity.

We celebrate our community by treating others, all players and developers with respect.

This fact shocked the entire industry a bit, demonstrating for the umpteenth time the immaturity of a large segment of the so-called players.

According to several reliable rumors, the announcement of the release date of God of War: Ragnarok was supposed to arrive on June 30, 2022 with a new trailer. He appears to have jumped in waiting for the controversy to quell the US Supreme Court’s decision to set aside the Roe v. Wade, allowing many conservative states to introduce anti-abortion laws.

Many alleged players didn’t take it very well and thought that sending pictures of their genitals to a developer might have some effect. They may have organized themselves into some private group on Telegram or something (no certainty about that).

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