Summer crush? Here are the tricks to not fall in love

Movies and books Always rattle He loves a boy in the hottest months general, especially a July and August, two months out of the year for the holidays. Sea or mountain, Italians, if they can, do not succumb to leave the asphalt city full of life for a few day off.

here then they can To be born from a new love. There is nothing wrong if you are not a married couple but, Love born in summer is not always destined to last.

the love

Not all couples, or any one person in a couple, want this summer story it was longI’m even in the fall, and even if you have every intention of not making the story last more than three weeks of vacation, you often do not come to terms with love with capital A. Do not order the heartIt’s an old saying we all know, but would that really be true? You may already have one Simple story and avoid falling in love.

Tricks to not fall in love

Use your head, not your heart Sometimes it is not enough. Even if you thought a one or a few nights adventure would end like your suitcase, you might fall in love. If it is really You are not looking for love This time of year, here are some of them trick Which can be useful for you to live in peace Holidays and avoid emotional complications.

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Get outdoors

You may feel yourself Get calmer by taking a breath of fresh air Immerse yourself in a wonderful natural environment, made of trees and flowers, mountains or sea. At least once a week try to do one Walk alone in the woods or read a book On the beach to please the heart and soul e Find some inner peace.

This is a very simple trick, you are on vacation, in the summer, you don’t have to listen to the clock, and who you have with him Spent some quiet daysHe’s not your buddy. Take some time for yourself and it will clear your mind by not thinking about it.

Enjoy the fresh sea air

Use your creativity

he is Motivating you to align with your thoughts and intellectual capabilities. a passion It can give you the power to create and express yourself, and as a result, make you feel more happy. Register for this course improvisation You’ve been procrastinating for weeks, or if you like to write, focus on your stories during your spare time.

Even on vacation there many possibilities To attend courses, perhaps from Subcourses Divingor still practice climbing or Tennis. Focus on yourself. On the other hand, if you do not want to attend courses, try to stay at home and develop that passion that you have dedicated for a very long time.

Pamper yourself in a healthy way

The Physical displays of affection Generalization Oxytocin and serotoninor the hormones that nourish love and pleasure. It is normal to have intercourse with your partner, but if you are Not connectedThis possibility is possible decrease.

So give it a try Various activities It includes physical contact, such as a massage, marital dance, or interaction with animals, and planting anything that makes you feel joy and affection.

Young woman enjoying a therapeutic neck massage at the spa

Reduce contact lenses

If you have an impression being in love with you For one person, the best way to do it Avoid falling in love Who is this distance yourself. If you are always in town company or communication Constantly through phone calls and messages, it is inevitable that you think about him a lot which leads to your feelings getting stronger and stronger. Take a step back and change your plans, or leave your phone in another room for a while.

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keep working

Self You spend a lot of time thinkingIt would be hard not to think about the person you are admire. Could you Avoid inflaming your feelings If you focus on other things

Avoid social networks

Do your best to temptation resistance From Check your profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter From the person you like, otherwise it will be difficult to forget them and how you feel about them may become even stronger.

If you are not able, Take a break from social networks Focus on other things. We are already very connected all year round. At least on vacation Avoid social media profiles Avoid looking at those with whom you have a relationship that is an end in itself.

No exclusivity

exclusivity It’s a promise, often implicit, to the couple. It must necessarily be Explicitly the opposite in a sexual relationship or in one fixed-term relationship. So you will not have to not have sexual relations with another person, you can choose based on your personal thoughts, without having to tell your friend what you do or do not do.

when there is exclusivityfeelings They grow faster. If you are looking for exclusivity (and above all promise), then deprive your friend of more dates and start looking for other partners and the possibility of a good relationship elsewhere. Don’t commit yourself to someone Who doesn’t love you and just wants to have sex with you. Basically, you will have to Leave the door wide open For feelings, but not for him.

Couple sitting in a hammock

Avoid tenderness

The Text messages are a symbol of tenderness With cuddles, caresses, fuss. But what do you have to do? to avoid Not falling in love with your friend is hugs, caresses, kisses, sleeping in his arms.

Practically all of these things outside of sex should be strictly avoided! The same goes for sweet words, attention, and gifts. this is imbalance in the relationship. The more tenderness we share, the more hormones that stimulate bonding are produced.

The light is working

Research conducted by Richard C. Bellard of Boston University proves this Kissing or making love in the dark Partners will be allowed focus more. In fact, much space will be left for the sense of smell, which of the five senses is the most influential in complex dynamics of falling in loveBecause it is a stimulus from the amygdala. So the advice is intercourse with light This is to avoid stressing other senses.

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