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In the end, it will be a party, even without all the privacy they would have wished, for Paola Tursi and Francesca Pascal who today unite in Montalcino, in Tuscany, before very chosen friends, to celebrate in the halls of the hotel. The magnificent castle of Vilona, ​​in Val d’Orcia.

But already the news of this wedding, which the brides wanted to keep in the strictest secrecy and revealed instead by a stray leggo, became Battle for Civil Rights BannerZan Bill, Lgbtq+ Community Claims.

On social media it was an explosion of good wishes. “It’s the Italian Jodi Forester and Alexandra Hedison,” the periodical music magazine “Rolling Stone” wrote enthusiastically.

It was never announced or deniedAs it also happens in these hours of the wedding, The relationship between the Romanian singer and Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-girlfriendIt became public in August 2020 when weekly newspaper Oggi published photos of a kiss they had exchanged on a yacht in the Cilento Sea. Just four months ago, Francesca Pascal formalized the end of her story with the leader of Forza Italia, who just a few months ago celebrated her “non-marriage” with Marta Fascina.

Pascal with Berlusconi in a 2015 photo

Since then, only rumors, or rather, gossip, as Torci defined it, have always jealously defended in the thirty years of her career her appreciation for her private life. “I could have taken this gossip and, instead, turned down the covers, the money. My silence suggests that you don’t have to say what you are,” he noted just a few weeks ago and always in Oggi Weekly, author of hits like “Be Beautiful For You” .

A year ago, in an interview with F Weekly, Turci, with the same appreciation and determination as always, stressed that she feels free to love whoever she wants: “I have no intention of being influenced by other people’s opinions and giving up the relationships I want with the people I choose,” he said. On that occasion, where he also acknowledged the experience of being interested in him “as a kind of perseverance”.

His appreciation is shared by Francesca Pascalwhich even in recent years Yes he is Many times exposed to the issue of Lgbtq + So far as to announce that, in protest of homophobia in the church, he wants to argue Tajani about family issues, to argue Berlusconi for his participation in Gay Pride. The battles were fought bravely already in the years of the relationship with Berlusconi, when he founded the association in 2014 “colors of freedomAgainst violence against women and LGBTq+.

Paola Torsi in a 2015 photo

In fact, on Saturday ‘it will be sober partyMontalcino mayor Silvio Franceselli, who was chosen by the couple to consent to a civil union, said.

to congratulate the couple Monica SerenaD., D.D., Director of Rights: “The insults and hate that strike you will wash away the beauty of your love. Every new civil union is a potent antidote and a seed for that cultural change that must work for good politics,” he tweeted.

work leader Carlo Calenda “The fundamental problem of this country is ignorance. Without a strong literacy intervention there would be no growth, well-being and civilization in relations, tolerance and ultimately democracy. Full solidarity with Francesca Pascal and Paola Turci,” he wrote after the insults he received by Turci and Pascale.

Best wishes to Francesca and Paola, but Don’t call it marriage“A spokesperson for Sentinelli, the Milanese association created to defend the values ​​of secularism, civil rights and LGBTQ+,” was posted on social media — along with a photo of Torsi crying after a demonstration in Milan for the Zan bill. “Words are important and they are important for news like this. There will be no marriage, because whatever this country has given us so far is called civil union. It is something else. Something less valuable. Marriage based on equality remains a battle between custodians and the entire LGBT+ community.” It really remains to be occupied. In the meantime, best wishes to Paola and Francesca.”

In the same vein, LGBT spokesperson Fabrizio Marazzo said: “The wedding of Francesca Pascal and Paola Tursi is a beautiful message to that Italy that has been able to make progress in the field of civil rights and also for all those who still oppose it. Sorry for not being able to call it a full marriage but Civil Liaison. As for anti-gay insults, “In Italy there is no safety net for gays. For this reason, since the couple live in the Milan region, I invite Mayor Sala to agree to our decision, which A fine of 500 euros for anyone who offends or discriminates LGBT+ people are also on the web.”

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