Tu si que vales, the rider remains suspended tens of meters high: fear live

Ramon Catherine He was one of the heroes Tu si que vales Where he showed all his qualities as walking on a tightrope.

Tu si que Vales, how does the program work

As for program management, he was assigned again Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni.

at their side Julia Stabilthe winning dancer in friends 20, Known for his skill, as well as his innate sympathy. The jury you set up remains unchanged Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbe, Teo Mamukari and Jerry Scotti. actress Sabrina Ferrelli Plays the role of popular judge from the programme.

Coordination production is entrusted to Charm PGT while the trend is Massimiliano Papi, Paolo Carcano and Andrea Vicario.

There are no age or origin limits to participate in Tu Si Que Vales, You just need to be able to wow the judges and audience with your own art.

The judges cast their votes on the basis of their skills, taking into account their experience and a good sensitivity stage.

Thanks magical stick In their endowment, they have the ability to interrupt, reduce or extend the duration of the performance.

The judges are very close to each other and do not hesitate to participate in person during the performances. Very nice Jerry Scotty welcome to “stable” They are goofy artists who provide moments of pure comedy

Tu si que Vales: Progress July 2, 2022

During tonight’s replay episode on Canale 5, we’ll see the great episodes performance From various artists who will participate in talent.

There will be dance numbers and acrobatics, jugglers with skittles, and outdoor performances, such as shows Stephen Helmer.

The German will present his robotic goalkeeper who is able to dodge every shot, thanks to the presence of a computerized mechanism. There will also be a number of acrobatic karate It was suggested by a nineteen-year-old, who is going to create a choreography with some movements.

There will be an opera show with number Sleeps From Giacomo Puccini And also Sabrina Ferrelli You will participate in a number of “dangerous juggling games”.

Then comes the baker who sings.”look at the moon” From Fred Bongosto. His performance will earn him a place in stable From Jerry Scotty.

There will also be someone who will tell jokes and you will not miss the little character with red cap Who steals the trolley? Sabrina Ferrelli.

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Julia Stabilwinner of Friends 20 He will co-star in a hilarious curtain with Martin Castrogiovanni. In the previous episode the two challenged each other with dance moves, while in this episode it will be like that Julia Having to get away from rugby.

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Tu si que vales, the competitor remains hanging tens of meters high

Ramon He highlighted himself with his number from the Double Wheel of Death. The acrobat had the courage to jump over the two wheels.

The last turn raised Ramon several meters. When it looked like he might be in trouble, the opponent freed himself from the predicament with a dramatic somersault.

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