Turci-Pascale, the wedding is today in Montalcino and in the castle of Velona- Corriere.it

In Montalcino the civil union between Paola Tursi and Francesca Pascal, and then the reception at the Castle of Vilona. The ceremony comes two years after the kiss between the two, which was immortalized in the summer of 2020

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Montalcino – Silent waiting for the civil union between Paola Turci and Francesca Pascal who will say S today at 5 pm in the Old Town Hall in Montalcino (Siena).

According to rumors, Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-partner should arrive in a white Jaguar, while the singer will drive an Audi A3. in Tuscany site, sunny and very hot since the early hours of the morning, no exceptional safety measures have been taken at the moment and no detours are planned for traffic. Everything is flowing as usual. Among wine bars, hotels, and streets crowded with American tourists, there doesn’t seem to be any particular emotion. We think more about Palio di Siena, which returns today after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic.

The Montalcino They read about the union in the state newspapers and the Facebook page. I didn’t even know who the brides were, admitted the owner of the Enoteca di Piazza, with tables overlooking the town hall. In these parts of the weddings we have seen many comments, restaurateur, foreigners, well-known personalities, one more does not change anything. In this region there are beautiful castles, many come here to get married. Some say it is Confused about choosing a reception site: Villona Castle, the spa overlooking Val d’Orcia. Pretty, of course, maybe a little small.

a boutique hotel– Thirty extra luxury rooms, from €700 to €1400 per night, thermal springs and wine production – Perched on a hill filled with cypress trees. Today it looks like an impenetrable fortress. L ‘forbidden entrance Through a portal that opens only when you log in as a guest. We managed to pass it, but at the reception we were stopped by the managers of the structure: the day is reserved, we do not let anyone in. We’re sorry. Here this evening we will be toasting 30 guests. Men should have a vegetarian option, a diet that the newlyweds would respect.

Few in the region are aware of Francesca Pascal’s transfer to nearby Tricoanda, which occurred after her split from Berlusconi. Few people know about the union. Also some historical collaborators with Paola Turci, his latest album Alive to die for it, dating back to 2019, they were not aware of. But they say the singer reached for congratulations is thrilled and determined to keep this special day a secret. at the moment No sign even of social profiles Of the two in love. No snapshots or stories of preparations, but thoughts for today’s pride parades and sharing pleas to request the resignation of Elena Donnazan, the Veneto education consultant, accused of discriminating against Chloe Bianco, the transgender teacher who committed suicide, after years of suffering and prejudice.

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