Turci-Pascale, wedding day in Montalcino. Best wishes from Paolo Berlusconi- Corriere.it

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Montalcino, today the Civic Union of the Town Hall. The singer-songwriter shows the insult he received and denounces: “ignorance and hatred”. Web Solidarity

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Montalcino (Siena) – Today is Paola and Francesca’s day. Singer-songwriter Torci, 57, and former partner of Silvio Berlusconi, Pascal, 37, will join a civilian at Montalcino (Siena) City Hall in front of Mayor Silvio Franceselli. Then they will celebrate with a small group of friends and relatives at Villona Castle: a resort overlooking the enchanting landscapes of Val d’Orcia.

The report, which was not confirmed by direct stakeholders, became public knowledge in August 2020, after it was published in the weekly today Some shots stolen during a boat vacation in Cilento. A stunning and contemporary couple, during these two years they managed to jealously protect their love. No comments, no official public statements, no social media posts, no press releases. Just the freedom to be yourself and cultivate a sense of caring and confidentiality. The news of the union, which was leaked on Thursday, received a flood of congratulations. But there was no shortage of homophobic insults and polemics. In the evening between Thursday and Friday, Paola Torsi broke the silence by posting a story on Instagram with pictures of trees and twilights and the caption “That happiness that never makes you sleep.” In the morning he tweeted an excerpt of “il Caffè” by
Massimo Gramellini
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dedicated to them, thanked him and took the opening sentence: “It is nice to be free without harming others.”

The social sweetness was suddenly interrupted by a direct message that read, “A lesbian icon sucks!!”. The sender is an Instagram profile apparently located in the province of Asti. Tursi dismissed it by commenting “Ignorance, homophobia, evil and unhappiness in one sentence.” She then returned to republish and best wishes to her friend, radio presenter and music critic Luca Di Gennaro.

Thus, messages of solidarity joined the congratulations. Best wishes Paola Tursi and Francesca Pascal. Insults and hatred that afflict you will be swept away by the beauty of your love. Every new civil union It is an antidote and a powerful seed for this cultural change that must work for good politics,” he wrote on Twitter Monica SerenaDirector of Democratic Party Rights and signatory of Law 76/2016 that bears his name on the regulation of civil unions between same-sex persons.

Support via Twitter also from the action leader Carlo Calenda: “The main problem of this country is ignorance. Without the intervention of strong “literacy” there will be no growth, well-being and civilization in relations and ultimately democracy. complete solidarity. Più Europa posted on his Instagram profile a snapshot of future brides with the text saying: “It is incredible that, even today, even today, to the applause of representatives of institutions, there is no law in Italy that prevents and punishes hate crimes against homosexuals. To Paola and Francesca Not only our full solidarity but our warmest wishes for their unity. They will teach you not to shine. And you shine instead! ».

The couple also received compliments and support from close people Silvio Berlusconilike his brother Paolo, who said: “To Pascal, the one who has been close to my brother Silvio for several years, best wishes for a happy life.” Liguria President Giovanni Totti He tweeted: “Francesca, I wish you happiness and serenity. Those who obviously do not have those who use their time to insult the lives of others.”

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