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received one Salary 200 times him and disappeared. happen in Chile Where a man pays more than he owes, Resigned After promising to return the money he lost his effect on himself. Based on reports I read, Quoted from the Chilean newspaper financial diary employeeSial Meat Company 65398,851 Chilean pesos (ie 172 thousand euros approx) instead of her much lower monthly salary. When the executives noticed the error, the man was immediately contacted and asked to return the amount paid in error. For his part, the man assured him that he would go to the bank to solve the matter.

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Too bad though the guy the next day didn’t come to work. Then the company tried to contact him but to no avail. Then when the man answered the calls, he took the time saying he had fallen asleep and that he was going to the bank that afternoon to collect the money and return it.

Ask or ask him. A few days later the employee submitted his resignation letter to the company and disappeared. The meat company turned into a law firm to recover the lost money, in what has been identified as a crime embezzlement.

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