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Hyundai shows the new IONIQ 6 Even if many features are postponed to July, we discover the new car for the South Korean house.

Hyundai is unstoppable – Motori.News

there he is New IONIQ 6 subordinate Hyundaiafter a while New Electric Creaturesubordinate south korea home. Because it is based on E-GMP . platformor that Designer From the house itselfwho gives Interesting results. The problem Is that We still know little about this methodAgo Power point Show only the the designnot to mention Technical details. July is the month he will come The car was officially unveiled.

Let’s find out what we know about the new Hyundai

The the design subordinate New car subordinate south korea home it’s the truth coupeso is the design Prove it, taking Auto prophecy concept, designed especially for you. for him Letter he is Different In the Version 5even if a program It’s a lot similar. a Interesting news Who is this car? Optical kitswhich consists of square pixel. a technology that we’ve already seen, and it’s from the house itself and his name border pixels.

the new coupe Sarah 4.86 meters And it will have circles in Alloy 18 or 20 inch. do a lot attention ai mirrorswhich is, in fact, camerasthis is for Aerodynamic causesOf course, this will be sold as my choice. L ‘elliptical suite see it as Aerodynamic appendixThe rear chassis It seems that boat tail, but there are also side vents integrated into the bumper. lonely futuristic caras well as internal.

IONIQ 6 indoor
This is the interior of the car, as you can see, it is very technical – Motori.news

L ‘inside the car It’s a lot spaciousis used only sustainable materials. on me driver side we’ve got 12.3 inch screenwhich contains all the extensions Driving Tools. a Matching width find it forInformation and entertainmentwhich uses a file Very similar platform so from Ionic 5. The car also mounts Bi-color ambient lighting who serves lights up inside the carI think it contains 64 colors And the 6 Dual Color Themes.

Its engine has not been revealed to us

The Car engine It has yet to be discovered, although it will be for many Similar or maybe even improvedto which is installed on Ionic 5. If so we can say that Two electric motors will be installed which they feed Two batteries 77.4 kWh. It is also believed that he will get one Over 170 HP from 5with maybe one Torque greater than 350 Nmwhich she has now. L ‘independence It must be at least from 481 kmsince I home technicianswe got to this Duration.

IONIQ Backlit 6
This is the back of the new car – Motori.news

The words used in his book Power point They target him a lot the design: ” there Ionic 6 He tries to show the emotional closeness between Functionality and aesthetics. The simplify design and the The result of cooperation between engineers and designersthat do a lot Pay attention to the detailsand bring it to Focus on customer values. there Ionic 6 your son Welcoming environment Dedicated to people, and it is able to display For everyone fun space And the depends on the requestLet’s wait a few weeks to learn more about the car.

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