5 mistakes to avoid

there The fast walking It’s a great workout for anyone who wants it Weight loss. But not everyone knows that there are mistakes that must be completely avoided, otherwise the desired effects will not be achieved.
Let’s find out together 5 that you probably never thought of
Brisk walking is the best type of physical activity for anyone who wants it Weight loss He is not trained at all. If you want to lose weight, doctors advise to start with walking because it does not involve risks, unlike running, which is recommended for those who have already trained. Results come and can come very quickly if you train a lot, but walking can also be completely ineffective if you make very common mistakes unfortunately. Let’s see what they are.

Lose weight by walking the 5 mistakes to avoid
Brisk walking is really weight loss, but sometimes it doesn’t work due to petty mistakes
The“Physical activityLike brisk walking, it is important for weight control. Because it helps burn calories. If you add 30 minutes of brisk walking to your daily routine, you can burn about 150 extra calories per day. Of course, the more you walk and the faster you go, the more calories you’ll burn. But you have to watch out for some very common mistakes.
It’s not just walking that really makes you lose weight, even if it’s still a good walk, but just a brisk walk, really fast, will make you lose weight in a reasonable time. Walking slowly is only good at the beginning, when you are gradually trying to regain some fitness, but then you have to speed up and lose weight, it is recommended to reach a speed of 4-6 km / h depending on your body and in detail your starting height and weight. The ideal then is to switch sections at a very fast pace with sections at a slightly slower pace: this way you burn more fat and speed up Metabolism.
Lose weight by walking the 5 mistakes to avoid
1 walk in company It is certainly more fun, but if you want to lose weight, it is not recommended, unless the person accompanying you does not have the same physique and the same condition in terms of form. Also, when you are in company, you are more distracted, you tend to talk and waste your breath, so you can’t walk very fast. Even a dog can be a distraction, so if you have a goal to reach in a short time, it’s best to train alone and stay focused, perhaps helping yourself by using a pedometer to control your speed and progress. industry. If you need company, a playlist with very cheerful songs can be your best ally.
2 Walk immediately after eating Not recommended because it takes your energy. Your body is busy digesting and you will have less desire to walk fast. It’s a good idea to let a few hours pass between your last meal and your walk, to be strong, but reactive enough.
3 Another mistake you make is looking for places where it is Walking “simple” To be able to walk quickly. Maybe a nice gym track… Alternatively, the ideal way is to also tackle some hard sections in order to work the muscles of the legs and buttocks more. Plus, climbing makes you burn more calories.
4 Even if you did everything right, walked at least three times a week for an hour at a brisk pace, everything could be thwarted or at least the weight loss process could be slowed down if you ate too much when you came home!
5 Power supply It should be healthy and balanced, and give you the energy you need to get your workouts through, but the fact that you’re training doesn’t mean you can eat more than usual. Remember that to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit, that is, you must consume more calories than you would with food.

Lose weight while walking: the benefits
Keep in mind, however, that losing weight by exercising does not necessarily mean being lighter, but rather becoming leaner, having more fat mass, and having less fat mass, so the metrics are not your judgement, but if you do all Something correctly, the results will be. be seen.
Among the most common mistakes there is also the thought that walking a lot is enough to lose weight. Physical activity is an important aid, but the first cut should be done at the table. You have to diet to lose weight. Perhaps following the Mediterranean diet that offers benefits or other diets that allow us to lose weight

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