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When Russia defines a countryNazi‘There must be interest. The story of the conquest in Ukraine He teaches the school from this point of view, given that Moscow justified it with a “noble” intent to “discredit” the country, to seize the capital Kyiv and overthrow President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, things did not go as planned Vladimir put it inRussia, finding itself at war for months and failing all major objectives, returned to the Donbass River.

Russia's aggressive military posture.  Putin's fleet invades the Mediterranean: what is about to set off in our sea

Now it’s up Latvia He should be defined as a “Nazi,” and that’s certainly not a good sign: a Russian military attack seems unlikely, but now nothing can be said for certain when it comes to the Kremlin. What angered Russia is Latvia’s legal decision Three hundred monuments demolished Celebrating the “common victory” against the German Nazis. The most famous of them – Marco Imarisio wrote in the Corriere della Sera – is the one on the square of the same name in Riga, a 79-meter high obelisk depicting the Soviet Motherland and three soldiers of the Red Army. It is where Putin gave his speeches when he went on a visit, as Russia’s national holiday is celebrated on May 9.”

Putin, annexation without war.  Moscow is ready to eat a whole nation: the heart of the European frontier

“This is an illegal act that goes against the ban on Nazi heroism,” said Yelena Sutormina, vice president of the Russian Peace Foundation, which has appealed to the United Nations to prevent “ruin.” There is clearly no mention of the war in Ukraine, which is the real reason why Latvia chose to reject these effects: it is not a return to Nazism, but a return to afraid against Russia.

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