Accidentally recorded his salary: resigns and disappears

An error with too many zeros, at least nine, in Cial’s accounting and human resources area threatens to bring the consortium to its knees. This was revealed by the same company, which filed a complaint against one of its workers, who now appears to have disappeared into thin air. After receiving a salary equal to 286 times Due, it has its effects. The story happened at the beginning of last month, but has only surfaced in recent days, prompting web comments.

Wage 165.5 million pesos: he would have received 500,000

No sial, that’s it Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, a giant of the Chilean industry, and owns some of the most famous brands in South America. Also among these are San Jorge, La Privrida and Winter. Owned by Alberto Chaplain, it is the largest meat company in the country.

On May 30, an employee of the personnel department realized that he had made a mistake in paying his salary. The number must be 500 in thousands Pesos, about 515 euros, but the salary is about nine figures 165.5 Millions Pesos, more than 170 thousand euros. Not a bad amount, also compared to the cost of living in Chile, unexpectedly in an operator’s bank account.

After seeing the bill, he went to the bank and left the country

From the relevant offices was immediately Make sure The error And call the employee. Who once told him that he suddenly became a millionaire, did so a promise To return inappropriately credited funds and does not correspond to any additional service or time.

It is a pity that the next day he did not show up for work, and gave up untraceable. The numerous calls and attempts to contact him on WhatsApp were to no avail. The man has disappeared and, according to SIAL reports, was seen passing through the bank before leaving and leaving the country around 11 am.

Sial denounced that the worker paid 286 times his salary

A few days later, on June 2, La Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos . arrived resignation letter from a man. In addition to the damage and cursing. Or perhaps the need for completely close relationships with the company. Whoever for a petty mistake loses a large amount of money. And what time is it? complaint Against the former employee under investigation for embezzlement of funds.

This employee who receives 286 times the value of his regular salary is only the latest and most disturbing of the strange stories coming from around the world. Events exceptional. Just a few days ago we talked to you here about the millionaire manager who decided to drop everything and flee to the beach, only to be able to “think of nothing”.

But the news of the Italian businessman who discovered in the newspaper at the age of 87 that he had become a billionaire also caused quite a stir, as we told you here. As in our country we continue the discussion pay minimum And protecting employees, with employers proposing to work full time with plenty of extra work for just €280 per month, as reported in this article.

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