Aehra, Tesla’s Italian electric car of the future

A start-up was born in Italy with the aim of competing in the luxury electric car segment, where Tesla is the undisputed queen. The Italian startup called Ehra: His adventure in the world of zero-emissions cars begins in the Milan office.

The Aehra brand wants to establish itself in the electric vehicle market by focusing on style. The CEO and president of the company is American Hazin Nada, while the co-founder is Italian and his name is Sandro Andreotti. Together, they managed to convince Filippo Ferini, former designer of Lamborghini, Genesis and Italdesign, to join in.

Sandro Andreotti Very ambitious profile: just think that before Aehra, he founded Aero Gravity, the largest vertical wind tunnel in Europe. Style, enthusiasm and a desire to establish itself internationally are the foundation of the philosophy of what has already been renamed Italy’s Tesla.

Discover Aehra, Italian Tesla

“The electric vehicle, on the other hand, has a huge potential that has yet to be fully exploited, from forms and efficiency to access to functionality – the president’s words sad nada Reported by Avvenire – That’s why I created a startup that aims to create cars that are lighter, more elegant, built with recyclable materials and probably assembled in Italy, the undisputed capital of design.

The condition – the specified nada – derives from the fact that I wish there were conditions for doing so here. In this case we can employ a thousand people and return many engineering excellences to Italy. Our philosophy is to favor habitability, creating a new relationship between the driver and his car that also becomes a place for work, or for family entertainment. After the pandemic, the car should become a different and more livable vehicle.”

Aehra’s first purchase was Filippo Perinithe designer who served as director Lamborghini style center She has three decades of experience in the automotive sector. His leadership will be essential to bring a new generation of advanced electric vehicles to market. The programs have yet to be announced, but the company aims to market at least 20,000 cars per model per year, with prices in excess of €150,000,000.

Ehra . models

Aehra cars will be designed on the basis of rationalization of space. According to the first rumors, the Italian startup is expected to unveil its SUV and sedan by the end of 2022: the cars will go into production starting from 2025, the same year that Jaguar will produce only electric cars.

The first two Aehra models will be built around one model carbon fiber monocular: The cars will rely on a third-party vendor platform yet without identity. Specifications regarding electric car engines and batteries have not even been revealed. The reference target should be cars capable of ensuring an autonomy of at least 800 km, along with performance of a sporty character.

The sales system It promises to be very original: it will rely on the Internet, without underestimating the galleries, which are seen as essential community centers for customers who choose Aehra. The challenge for Tesla, the company that continues to set sales records in Europe, has just begun.

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