“Aggressive military posture” – Libero Quotidiano

aggression Russian fleet In the The Mediterranean Sea It is a threat to NATO, Europe and Italy. It is linked to the themes of land migration and terrorism. The Italian Minister of Defense explains: “Today in the Mediterranean the echoes of the Russian aggression against Ukraine reverberate, but also the fragility of the Middle East, the difficulties faced by some regions of North Africa, and above all the Sahel.” Lorenzo Gueriniinterview by Republic: “Out of all these situations can arise direct threats to our security. We see that with what is happening in these hours in Libya“.

put them down.  A fleet besieging Italy: when we risk an invasion

“The correct strengthening of the deterrence and defense apparatus in the eastern flank is very relevant to the current situation – confirms the Minister -. What Italy requested and obtained thanks to the support of other allies also – Spain, France and GreeceFirst and foremost – is that NATO does not lose sight of threats that can also come from other directions, including the south, and therefore maintains complete flexibility of surveillance and intervention at 360 degrees. As I said in Madrid, it is not a question of choosing between East and South, because Euro-Atlantic security is indivisible.”

Massacre at the border, it's a red alert: immigration, what will happen to us

The complex and persistent situation of Libya, the fragility of some countries in the sub-Saharan region, the presence of terrorist groups, the aggressive posture, including military, of some international actors (referring to Russia, so), the winds of war in Horn of AfricaThe problem that never goes away the pirate Guerini continues. Without forgetting the risks arising from the presence of large criminal organizations and from food emergencies Like those derived from war that can generate phenomena immigrant More consistent than what we know so far. All this obliges us to act, first of all, as Europe, not only through interventions of a military nature but also with tools Diplomacy Above all, support development. Because without development there can be no real security.”

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