Alessandra Celentano is so young in a bikini, sending a cute message

The importance of appreciating every moment in life, this is what the last Instagram post shared by Alessandra Celentano. A post that, frankly, really surprised her many followers and fans who follow her affectionately. She was about twenty years ago One of the most likable (and discussed) faces of friends By Maria De Filippi Always direct and snappy in criticism, a woman who never spares herself. And he didn’t do it this time either, showing himself Too small in some shots Which is like diving into memories and a way to send an important message to new generations.

Alessandra Celentano, the photos are very small (and in a bikini)

We are used to seeing her in her elegant and elegant suits evening di Amici, as it continues to assert itself year after year One of the pillars of the talent show by Maria de Filippi. Today he’s proudly (and elegantly) dressed so softly, but pounds The latest photos that the teacher shared on Instagram They showed it to us in a copy that so far few have had the opportunity to admire.

Along Curly and mahogany hair In the wind like a real lioness, hoop earrings and the appearance of a person who still has his whole life ahead. It’s the natural beauty of a young Alessandra Celentano who… Wearing a simple black bikiniJust one thing to be certain: as if her time had stopped, as beautiful and elegant yesterday as she is today.

Alessandra Celentano, the beautiful message for new generations

Beautiful outside, but also and above all inside. Alessandra Celentano is one of those women With a strong personality and an often sarcastic attitude. And we have seen him a thousand times in many editions of Amici in which he participated as a professor, loved and hated at the same time. La Seely – as he (and Mariah too) calls her – isn’t the one to send them to tell him, and if there’s always something special about him, it is His complete sincerity in good or evil.

But this time, she gave up the role of Professor Di friends, dressed as a mother who talks to the younger boys. Because after all, the real professors are the ones who teach you the most about a discipline or a subject, but they are also The people who leave something inside you at the human level. Browsing her memories album, seeing herself as young and carefree as before, was the spring to confront Serious and deep reflectionwhich Alessandra Celentano decided to share with her followers.

“The ability to appreciate every moment in life! – wrote in an Instagram post – When you’re young, you don’t notice time goes by so fast And there is little focus on the important things, the ones that never come back. It’s a normal cycle, but we adults can pay attention to young people Appreciate as much as possible and teach him to be more and more gratefulAnd above all, the little things that often get overlooked. I have learned!”.

A lesson for new generations, but not only. Celentano’s message is also a warning to adults who should guide young people on their own path, without restrictions or obligations. Simply guide them towards self-discovery and The ability to appreciate every momentEven those that seem less important.

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