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Psychology Bonus 2022: Pending the procedure run, INPS has communicated the latest instructions regarding the procedure to be followed to receive the contribution. Let’s see all the details in the following article.

INPS informed the instructions to follow to order Psychiatrist Reward 2022Contribution directed to all citizens suffering from a Mental health distress caused by the pandemicfrom restrictions and closures, from remote teaching, from smart work or any other factor.

Let’s see how Application Procedure.

Psychology Award 2022: Application Procedure


INPS has announced the latest news regarding Procedure to apply for the 2022 Psychiatrist Awardwhich will remain active for at least 60 days from the moment it was started.

To submit the application, the interested party must have access to Institute website Through their digital identity (SPID, CIE or CNS). Instead, it will be possible to rely on contact center Built in INPS.

Once the application is received, the Pension Fund will place a classification On a regional and regional basis, based on the place of residence of the applicants. While applying, the DSU Foot.

Once the arrangement is published, INPS will provide the recipient of the facility with an extension unique code Which will be used to purchase the advice and services of psychologists who have joined the program. The beneficiary will be required, in detail, to communicate his or her unique code to the professional, to complete the procedure with the near version invoice.

The reward will be spent inside 180 days From the moment you receive it.

Psychology Bonus 2022: Who Owns It

A woman visits a psychologist

The psychiatrist’s reward targets all citizens with a Mental health distress caused by the pandemic, from restrictions and closures, from remote teaching, from smart work or any other factor. The reward may be requested by Italian citizens with prescription and diagnosis of discomfort and with ISEE up to 50,000 euros.

The bonus will be awarded only once to the person requesting it, with some differences depending on the declared income:

  • With an ISEE of less than 15,000 euros, the support offered will be up to 50 euros per session, with a maximum of 600 EUR;
  • With ISEE between 15,000 and 30,000 euros, the reward will be paid up to a maximum 400 EUR to the beneficiary
  • With ISEE between 30,000 and 50,000 euros, assistance will reach the maximum €200 for each beneficiary.

In 2022, the Psychiatrist Reward will have a chest 10 million euros. Another 10 million euros will be invested:

  • To strengthen child and adolescent neuropsychiatry services;
  • To enhance the care of people with mental disorders;
  • To ensure access to psychology and psychotherapy services for people who do not have a diagnosis of a mental disorder;
  • To counteract cases of anxiety, stress and depression.

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