Barbara Dorso launched an appeal: “Make yourself heard…”

Barbara D’Urso has never hidden her solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and also on the occasion of MilanoPride, the presenter wanted to make an appeal to all protesters.

hold today Milan Pride which conductor Five o’clock in the afternoon, Barbara DorsoHe should have attended. Unfortunately, D’Urso had to waiver In his presence as he is currently vacationing in a mountain hut with some of his friends. In fact, the announcer left as soon as the TV season ended, to enjoy a lot of desirable things holidays.

However, Barbara did not hesitate to show her everything symbiosis Against event, launch appeal.

Barbara Dorso and The Milan Pride Appeal

Presenter Mediaset He decided to show all his solidarity with her Milan Pride Through his Twitter profile, where he also launched an appeal to the event participants: “Make yourself heard with all the sounds you can make, today, and always make noise“. Barbara Dorso She should have been on the show but unfortunately she left on vacation a few weeks ago and didn’t come back in time for the occasion.

Barbara D’Urso is ready for the big comeback

Meanwhile, host Channel 5 preparing for Back to TV in Septemberwhich was also recently confirmed Pier Silvio Berlusconi Mark Show Mediaset schedules 2022-2023:

Barbara Dorso is a professional lady, we have renewed the contract for the upcoming seasons. It will stay until 5 pm, at the moment there are no other projects but we will find the right program because it has a unique experience.

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