Blue Goal is ready to sign with the new team

He was one of the champions of a good season for Verona for sure Nicolo Casal. The defender born in 1998 became the protagonist of a season very high level with the ‘Hellas Veronawell disputed 36 matchesalso stylized by two passes. Her performance certainly did not go unnoticed, and in fact there are many Italian league club Who care about him especially NaplesAnd the Monzaespecially in the last few weeks, e Lazio Who has been chasing a football player for some time.

Niccolo Casal (Photo by Gabriel Malenti/Getty Images)

Only the team that coaches him Maurizio Sarri In the last few hours accelerated operations To secure the Casale card and thus beat the competition. Tuscan coach would like to be with him already At the beginning of the retreat class 98.

As I mentioned Tuttomercatoweb, Negotiations between Scaligeri and Biancocelesti continue quickly and so will the parties About to agree For the ultimate purchase of Nicolo Casal.

Sfoma Casal, Napoli turns everything on Ostegaard

The Naples From Luciano Spalletti So she will have to turn to other goals. Could be one of them Leo Ostegaard: Defender, born 99, protagonist Genoa In the last tournament, he was against Napoli for some time. The Blue Club is negotiating with Brighton (Norwegian card holder) It appears that the negotiation is nearing completion.

Lorenzo Golino

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