China, ship sinks at sea in Hong Kong due to typhoon: at least 27 people missing

An industrial support ship sank in the South China Sea due to a typhoon: only 3 crew members were rescued

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Tragedy in the South China Sea. About 300 km from Hong Kongsouthwest of the city, is sank boat From industrial support with At least 30 people on board.

It’s a big boat, according to him china daily She was working on building a project offshore wind farm. Many are missing: only a few crew members have been rescued.

Chinese ship sank due to typhoon: what happened

It was there that caused the sinking of the ship Tropical Storm Chabawhich has been enhanced in the past few hours resulting in the emergence of a file tornado Which struck in the southern part of China, in Guangdong.

From what has been learned, it has been achieved Winds up to 120 km/hthat they raised Waves over five meters high It caused dangerous storms all over the coast.

The large ship, as reported by the local rescue authorities, was seriously damaged by the typhoon and then break in two.

Rescuers intervene

The rescue machine was activated immediately after the alarm.

The emergency services of the southern provinces of the peninsula and Hong Kong went there by planes and helicopters, thanks to it However, only three people can be saved due to harsh weather and sea conditions.

Rescuers’ operations had to be carried out as quickly as possible, before the entire industrial support vessel arrived Swallowed by the sea.

More than 20 missing at sea

As confirmed by Adnkronos News Agency, at least others 27 crew members failed to abandon ship. They are currently missing: no news about them and the worst is expected.

On Twitter and Telegram, video images were spread by a fileHong Kong Government Aviation Service. In the published video we see a file The ship is at the mercy of the great waves From a rescue helicopter in Hong Kong.

In a few seconds, the moment appears as the boat deck comes immersed in water, a person is rescued and taken on the plane. In the final part of the video, the ship was then completely immortalized sank.

China ship sank

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