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21.25 Thank you for joining us as OA Sport friends. In August, Settebelo will try again at the European Championships in Rome: this defeat will instill new motivation and a great thirst for victory. Sports greetings from Federico Militello.

21.23 The only regret is not handling the game in the right way. Settebello was initially too soft and dispersed and allowed Spain to take off. Then the angry return to the mockery of the penalties. However, it was a great World Cup. We repeat: this group has a future, Settebello’s team will be among the favorites at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

21.20 Spain’s third world title, which he has not won since 2001. Italy is still the country with the most successes at the World Championships with an average of 4 times.

21.19 Touching the tears of melancholy that melt in the arms of wives and children. We’ll do it again, this Settebello is really very powerful.

21.18 So Spain retaliates after the 2019 final. The irreducible Sitibelo, despite trailing by four goals, made an impressive comeback. The icing on the cake was missing.

Decisive two errors from a distance of 5 meters from cinnamon is very bad. But there is no need to blame him: unfortunately you can win or lose on penalties. It’s life, it’s a sport.

Cinnamon error still. World champion Spain.

Target Granados.

Damonte goals. Spain also changed its goalkeeper. Lorio has entered.

Peroni’s goal.

Campania change goalkeeper. Re-enter Del Lungo.

Gol Preciotti, it’s keeping us alive. It goes to the bitter end.

Dozens of cabanas.

Fulvio goals.

Larumby’s goal.

Jules Ashnik. Go to Nicosia now.

Monarez Cross!

Wrong cinnamon. Aguirre motorcade. We are down. Let’s remember Wembley.

Dozens of Granados.

Damonte’s goal.

Peroni’s goal.

Nicosia at the door.

The Spaniards withdraw first.

Sanctions begin.

21.07 Each team will have five penalties available. One wonders why, in the World Championship final, extra times are no longer considered. We understand this in the previous rounds and not the last chapter.

21.06 Settebello was under 9-6 at 6’10” from the end. Settebello never stopped believing in him.

21.04 Now let’s see what Campagna will decide: will he keep Nicosia at the door or will del Longo return?

It ends here! Italy and Spain 9-9, we go to penalties!

13 Phenomenal Cinnamon, Get Back to Possession!

35 Spain expelled, timeout. Here the Iberians can close it. We need to defend life.

1’01” Iocchi Scratch early in the center.

1’16” Aguirre’s miracle at De Fulvio. Corner.

1’39” Another Granite defense for Settebelo!


2’32” Fondelli gets the ball back! Let’s put our heart in it now! Until the end!

2’56″Sweet!!!! We’re at -1! Let’s believe! Helping enlightened by Di Fulvio, Dolce makes no mistake from two metres.

A 3’24” timeout was called by Campania, another man for Italy.

3’31” Traversa di Perrone, then a foul in Spain’s attack. We desperately need a goal.

4’01” Setibello defends well, but makes a mistake in the restart.

4’21” quick shot by DeFulvio, Aguirre blocks. Now don’t get crazy.

Granados’ long shot went out 4’40 inches.

5’07” Dolce greets in the middle, but expected. The stopwatch is an enemy of Settebelo, they run relentlessly…

5’32” Barra Nicosia at Larumbi! Let’s believe Settebello!

5’51” Another sending off for Spain, de Soma’s match ends.

6’03 “De Fulvio scores the penalty! 7-9, let’s try, still long!”

Punishment for Italy. Spain requested the time-out when the Blues were in possession of the ball.

The game has stopped to review the work.

6’15 “He refused to conclude Cabanas. Nicosia stayed in goal instead of Del Longo.

6’45” Bruni tries ‘Nomads’, but she’s very central: Para Aguirre.

6’59” Spain are relentless with the extra man. Famera’s goal hurts so bad. 6-9, now you need a masterpiece to go and get it back.

7’38” Fault in Bruni’s attack.

Di Fulvio wins the fourth sprint. In the last 8 minutes, let’s try and believe it. Till the end!

Third fourth finishes. Italy and Spain 6-8. We went back to -2 after we were also at -4. As long as there is life…

4, Traversa de Peroni.

28 fouls in attack by Citibelo.

40″ Aguirre sets a corner kick into a Dolce shot.

52 ″ massive defense for SETTEBELLO in numerical rarity!

1’30” Fondelle goal, believe him!

A deadline called Campania, there is a superiority for Italy.

2’05” disallowed a goal against Spain due to a foul.

Echenique shot at 2’16”.

2’33” De Soma’s Cross.

2’55” The Nicosia miracle came face-to-face with cabanas.

3’20” Another save from Aguirre.

4’00 “Okay now Settebello is in defence.

4’21” Martial receives in the middle, but Larumbi snatches the ball from his hand.

4’53” Nicosia again!

5’17” A foul in Martial’s attack.

5’49” Nicosia, who replaced de Fulvio, neutralizes the supremacy of the Iberians.

6’14” Cinnamon makes us live on my feet! Sassata with the extra man, Settebello is back at -3. 5-8, but now we need a granite defense, a defense we’ve been lacking so far.

6’39 “Granados is still hurting badly. Spain’s double numerical superiority, the Iberian sniper does not fail. 4-8. The Iberians are perfect so far.

7’20 “Believe it! Martial greets in the middle and tries to rock Setbelo! 4-7!

7’40” Peroni immediately signs 7-3. Sitibelo is positioned poorly in defence. Now it’s really tough.

It starts again, and Spain wins the third race.

20.29 Mortevero 4/6 in the numerical superiority of Spain, 2/4 of Italy.

The end of the fourth fourth. 8 minutes to forget for Setibello, who suffered a heavy 0-3 run. Campania will have to make its voice heard before it is too late. Return is still possible.

5. Vondeli shot too high.

29 Loop Famera comes out.

55 ″ Italy squandered the supremacy with a paltry ‘under ball’. Setbello is puzzled.

1’11” Spain’s textbook work on numerical superiority. Tahl receives a two-meter run and never misses a tap. 3-6, there’s now Mount Everest to climb.

1’52” Sprinkle on water and bring out the closing of Preciotti.

2’18” presented by Damonte at the center.

2’45” Spain defend well now, Aguirre saves De Fulvio.

3’14” Good defense now Prescotti.

3’41” Citebello died in attack, and the reaction was badly needed in order not to let Spain get away.

4’10” Granados does us very poorly. Degrees of numerical superiority, Spain goes back to +2:3-5.

4’28” Stake of Granados, but Italy makes a mistake in the restart. tough moment.

4’46” Granados cross, possession back to Spain.

5’13 “Unfortunately Echenique did not open, but another Aguirre saves him. Spain has found a great goalkeeper.

5’41” Del Longo saves Monares.

6’05” Martial’s poor shot, Aguirre parried comfortably.

Granados 6’25” del Longo penalizes. 3-4, Iberians go back to the front.

6’37” is a double advantage for Spain.

7’05” Fault in Bruni’s attack.

7’22” Aguirre swerves for a corner on Di Fulvio, Italy’s supremacy fades.

Di Fulvio wins the race! Spain’s supremacy was abolished.

20.15 1/2 in the numerical superiority of Spain, 2/3 of Italy.

Fourth ends: Italy and Spain 3-3! The Iberians will be able to play 17 in numerical superiority at the start of the second half, so it will be necessary to win the race!

4 ″ expelling Spain we must resist.

11 GOOOOOOLLLL!!! BRUNIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Outnumbered, Italy quickly overtakes him: Bruni receives two meters and puts Aguirre on his head!

33 Parade del Longo again. last verb.

59″ Cinnamon falls short of numerical superiority! Settebello’s deadly reboot, which returns in the aftermath: 2-3!

1’16” Well now Setbello is in defence.

1’47” Traversa de Cinnamon from a very long distance. Spain play much better.

2’16” outsmarting Spain, Del Longo blocks Malarash’s shot.

2’58” First Di Fulvio and then Damonte not score with the extra man. 19-year-old goalkeeper Aguirre is getting excited at the moment.

3’38” Great goal for Monares, a rebound from distance that Del Lungo can’t do anything about. 1-3.

4’02” Echenique post, which, as in the semis, lacks subtlety.

4’29 “Sitbelo defends well, Spain doesn’t shoot.

4’57” from the total opens us up! First numerical superiority and Settebello who shortens the distances, 1-2.

Unfortunately this is a goal. Italy – Spain 0-2.

Barry 5’29” Del Lungo on numerical superiority, but we go review the procedure in VAR: Did the ball cross the line?

6’16” Echenique Cross. Spain granite in this shoe.

6’44 “De Fulvio’s shot went out, but it’s a mistake on Spain’s appeal.

7’01” Spain goal. Granados counter-escape, who finds himself face to face with Del Lungo and does nothing wrong.

7’10” Fault in Bruni’s attack.

7’32 “Good defense for Preciotti in the middle.

The first race won by Spain. Famera outperforms Di Fulvio.

The World Aquatic Polo Championship Final Begins! Italy and Spain!

19.58 Teams enter the pool.

19.55 Unlike Spain, Italy renewed a lot compared to 2019. The only veterans in the final are Del Longo, Di Fulvio, Ichinec, de Soma, Dolce and Nicosia. The absolute novelties of the world championship are Damonte, Iocchi Gratta, Bruni, Cinnamon and Martial. Fondelli and Preciotti are back in the group having already won the silver medal at Rio 2016.

19.53 It’s time for national anthems.

19.50 Spain, along with Yugoslavia (1986 and 1991), is one of the two countries that managed to repeat the world title.

19-48 World Championships for Spain in 1998 and 2001.

19.47 Italy won four World Water Polo Championships in 1978, 1994, 2011 and 2019.

19.46 Italy and Spain have already faced each other in this World Championship knockout round: the Iberians succeed 14-12 (after the Azzurri found themselves in the lead 10-6.

19.44 The rematch is held in the 2019 final, then the Azzurri win 10-5.

7.40pm, good afternoon OA Sport friends and welcome to Italy-Spain Live, the 2022 World Aqua Polo Championship Final.

Italy-Spain Program

Good evening, and welcome to the live text broadcast of the final of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Water Polo World Cup between Italy and Spain. In Budapest, Hungary, today, Sunday 3 JulyThe Settebello by Alessandro Campagna in At 20:00 Italian time, the Iberian national team will face, as happened in the 2019 final.

Italia Up to today’s match after 2nd place in Group C just behind Spain Then after multiplication in 8th Australia With a clear score of 17-6And the Hungary with a score of 11-10and the Greece With the same result. For Settebello, defeat in the group stage is revenge.

OA Sport brings you the live text broadcast of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Water Polo World Cup Final between Italy and Spain: Log events in real time, minute by minute, goal by goal, so you don’t really miss anything. the match It starts at 20.00 and the live text will start around 19.30. I listen!

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