Copenhagen, shooting in a shopping center: casualties and injuries –

Shots were fired on Field’s Sunday. Police: Several people were injured. Suspect stop

The shooting took place on the afternoon of Sunday, July 3, in a mall in Copenhagen, The
Field Shopping CenterAnd the In the Amager area located between the city center and the capital airport.

According to the Danish police, several people were injured: “There are victims”

(Here are the first video images). “Several shots were fired and several people were injured,” the police said, asking everyone to stay away from the shooting scene.

“Anyone who has seen, heard or photographed anything, call the Police in Fields or call 114,” it is
The call made by the agents on Twitter
And the who also reported that they did so

“Stop the suspect.” The police, who did not give further details about the identity of the detained person, make it clear that they are at the scene.

A witness who was in the mall at the time of the shooting, Thea SchmidtHe told the local radio TV 2 To hear “at least three shots” and see from the restaurant where she was having lunch with a friend, upstairs, “many people who suddenly rushed towards the exit panicked.” The same announcer mentioned that in the immediate vicinity of the British singer shopping center Harry Stiles a land
Concert at the Royal Arena at 8 pm. Our security personnel are in close contact with the police who are in control of the situation. The police agreed that the event would go ahead according to plan,” wrote Live Nation Denmark on Facebook, explaining that “more than half of the audience is already inside the structure” and that they are trying to attract viewers “as quickly and silently as possible.”

Then he reported that all roads leading to the mall were closed, and the subway line connecting the area to the center was also closed. There are ambulances, firefighters and police on site. Watch another Loritz Hermansen, Talk to the announcer DrHe said he heard “three or four shots”. Hermansen recounts that he was in a clothing store in the mall with his family: The shots were ‘really strong. It looked like shots had been fired right next to the shop.”

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