COVID-19 disease, disorders in 24% of children after infection without symptoms

“24% of children who passed the acute phase of Covid with mild or asymptomatic,” in practice, 1 in 4 children “recovered,” suffer from disorders associated with the novel coronavirus infection after at least two months of recovery, and up to to 9 months of the same. Once again: “The appearance of symptoms in the acute stage significantly increases the risk of contracting Long Covid, since taking it from 11.5% to 46.5%, while suffering from concomitant diseases (asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc.) does not cause any additional risks.” I Main results of the first multicenter study conducted in Italy on Long Covid in childrenannounces the City of Health of Turin, the leader of the research published in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics’.

The authors evaluated more than 650 children in 8 Italian regions with Covid-19 between October 2020 and June 2021. “The data confirm and reinforce the value of the recommendations expressed by the Italian Society of Pediatrics and many other scientific societies of pediatrics: children and adolescents with Covid, Even if it is mild, they should be monitored by their parents and in case of symptoms they should always see a pediatrician,” the scientists recommended. The symptoms most frequently reported by young patients were fatigue (7%), neurological problems – difficulty concentrating, light-headedness, headache (6.8%) – and respiratory symptoms (6%).

The incidence of Long Covid – highlighted by the Piedmont structure – almost doubled in older children and adolescents compared to younger children, going from 18.3% (0-5 years) to 21.3% (6-10 years), up to a 34.4% risk (11- 16 years). In the older age group, the most common symptoms can be associated with anxiety, agitation, sleep and behavioral disturbances. The only type of prolonged COVID-19 disease often found in early childhood is respiratory, with an 11.4% risk in the 0-5 year range, compared to 3.8% after 6 years.

“The results underscore the importance of childhood vaccination as a preventive tool, even since the onset of pathology from Long Covid,” the authors stated.

The researchers note that “children and adolescents who outgrow acute SARS-CoV-2 infection with often mild or even absent symptoms,” the stage may not be recognized correctly by parents or associated with Covid.” Hence a call for monitoring No disturbances.

The study group, coordinated by Enrico Bertino and Giulia Maiocco (University of Neonatology of the Health City of Turin), Gianfranco Trapani (Asl 1 Sanremo, Imperia), Vassilios Fanos (University of Cagliari) and Giuseppe Verlato (University of Verona) are part of the study group.

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