CrossCamp changes your life

Few camps are so cheap that we think, right from the start, “Well, that must be mine.” Crosscamp is definitely part of this category. the reason? First of all, it’s among the cheapest cab pickups around. But even there is so much more.

The Crosscamp is Toyota, and it is among the smallest mobile homes of this type, but according to reviews, the interior design and the time spent indoors are among the most pleasant and relaxing of all. This is also due to its small size: a vehicle about the size of a regular car is more stable and has a larger wheelbase center of gravity than a regular camper.

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Having a mobile home that is 4.95m long and 1.99m high means you can park it anywhere. Even in garages, in supermarket parking lots, and wherever you decide to stop. At the same time it offers a large interior space and 5 passengers. Which could become a 7 in the larger version.

The car is designed for everyday use. To be able to use it as a normal car, for short trips, during the day, but to be able to take long trips of whole weeks in this way. Without hassle or lack.

Cross Camp

And the price? Here comes, as they say, beauty. Only 35 thousand euros (maximum 40 for the most equipped version) for the new model, while it drops to 20 thousand for the used model, but in excellent condition.

That means if we want to go on vacation for two this summer. Perhaps with friends, or as a couple, at a cost of 10 thousand euros, you can stay around the world even for whole months, without spending a single euro in hotels. The bright side, of course, is that we’ll be reusing it every year.

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