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The musician had given a concert a few hours earlier, and then went to dinner with the rest of the group. The morning after discovery: one thinks of an illness

Antonio Tonino Cripisi, keyboardist and chameleon leader, died suddenly. He was 76 years old. The musician was found lifeless in the hotel room in Chieti, where he was staying with the other members of the historic band, and presumably died of an illness. All after the chameleon gave its performances a few hours earlier, giving a concert in the garden of Villa de Raises in Pescara. After the show, they also had dinner with some fans, before returning to the hotel. Among his colleagues’ letters, Mario Lavezzi – a former member and founder – was among the first to write: My dear, lifelong friend, Tonino Cripisi, went away in his sleep. I can’t believe it – he writes on Instagram – I was shocked by the pain. Brings back to mind the good times we had together, which I will always be with my dear friend.


Death, according to preliminary information, was caused by natural causes: an illness that, at night, left him no way out. Immediately, when the alarm was sounded, the rescuers and the Carabinieri intervened. Kripizi, 76, had already had health problems in the past. Last night he sang with the chameleon in the garden of Villa de Raises in Pescara. After the show, have dinner with the staff and some fans and then go back to the hotel

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