Depression, migraines, and hormonal factors may be warning signs of this disease that affects much more women than men

There are so many diseases that we automatically refer to the elderly, rightly or wrongly. Examples include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or stroke. We can say that it is intrinsically correct information because unfortunately the early forms were not considered. As for stroke, for example, 75% of cases affect people over 65 years old. A reliable study found different profiles of people who had a stroke at a later age than those who had a stroke at an early age. In this article we will see who is most at risk of early stroke and what kind of prevention is possible.

Depression, migraines, and hormonal factors may be warning signs of this disease that affects much more women than men

A study published in Stroke, the journal of the American Stroke Association, examined dozens of research papers from 2008 to 2021. This review yielded unexpected results. If men over 65 are more affected than women, the data is reversed at an earlier age. Stroke affects girls under the age of 35 much more than their male peers. Girls are 44% more likely to be affected. A difference that seems to disappear in the next generation between the ages of 35 and 45.

Causes and reasons

First of all, let’s remember that there are 4 types of strokes that can be repeated:

  • ischemic stroke;
  • temporary ischemic attack or mini-stroke;
  • hemorrhagic stroke
  • Occult stroke, that is, for unknown reasons.

Of the total stroke cases examined, 87% of the cases involve stroke. Therefore, the majority of strokes considered result from an interruption or reduced blood flow to the brain due to a clot or embolus. However, the reasons for this occurrence were not investigated by the study. The Veronesi Foundation presents the outstanding opinion of an Italian pathologist. Among the reasons that contribute to the increase in this rate among young women:

  • atherosclerosis, a disease that leads to atherosclerosis and the formation of plaques inside them that reduce their size;
  • hormonal factors such as pregnancy or taking birth control pills;
  • depression, which may lead to an increased risk of stroke;
  • Migraine with aura.


In addition to adopting appropriate behaviors, echocardiography and ECG may be performed periodically. We can also reduce salt intake or stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

So we take care of symptoms such as depression, migraines and hormonal factors.

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