Dmitri Kolker, Scientist “Russian Spy for China” Died in Prison – Libero Quotidiano

died in prison Dimitri Kolkerhead of the Laboratory of Quantum Optical Technologies of Novosibirsk State University, who was arrested last Thursday for betrayal. Reporting Agency tax. were officersFsbOn June 30, Russian intelligence agents arrested him and took him to the hospital, where the 54-year-old scientist was taken to hospital due to terminally ill cancer patients; The court sent him to a Moscow prison, levertovo.

On social media, Dmitry Kolker’s son, Maxim, said his father was accused of “providing the People’s Republic of China with data containing state secrets.” The owner of several patents, the head of a prestigious research center, Dmitry Kolker, gave a lecture at a university in China: but it was conducted in Russian, as specified by the son, at the specific request of the “security guard” who accompanied him. The Scholar’s presentations are “certified” by the FSB before each lesson.

“Certainly all reports at international conferences are certified in special departments, which means that they do not contain state secrets. The FSB officer was with him everywhere, traveled with him to China and forbade him to speak English.”

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