Draco Dragon, an SUV that sweeps away even the most powerful super sports: It has 2,000 horsepower

Draco Dragon is the new electric sports car from Draco Motors. Aiming to become a reference point in this sector. Will he succeed? What is the performance data of this “racing car”?

Draco Dragon SUV – Engines

A new electric car with a special appearance and exceptional power will be presented soon. he is called Draco dragon It is a new ‘gem’ Draco Motors American auto manufacturer of high-performance sports cars at exorbitant prices, headquartered in California – specifically in San Jose.

But what performance data will this amazing supercar have? As it is easy to guess, the performance data would be really exaggerated. This sports SUV will be able to exceed 300 km / h (320 km/h to be exact) e You’ll go from 0 to 100 in less than two seconds. Draco Motors will have a lot to do Four electric motors are able to guarantee an incredible total power: 2000 hp.

The exact design and shapes of the car are not yet known. In fact, the car has not yet been officially presented. We’ll have to wait for more info and view the coming months to discover Draco’s dragon! The design and overall look will definitely be aggressive and special, as we have already seen in the past for this American brand!

Draco dragon
Draco Dragon – Motory

As for the design, we know it was designed by Chief Designer Lowie Vermeersch of GranStudio! So there will also be a little Italian!

Draco Motors’ new racing car: Draco’s Dragon!

In 2019, the American company launched its first all-electric car, called the Drako GTE, on the market – albeit for very limited models. This car also has the peculiarity of ensuring amazing performance for very few users! In this case the speed can reach 332 km / h. The machine produced a total of about 1,200 horsepower.

Some photos of the car have been published, but – as is usual in these cases – much is left to the imagination. In fact, one can only guess that a file Doors with a specific gull wing open The roof is very similar to that of the coupe. Therefore, this sports SUV is very special.

Draco dragon
Draco Dragon: What do we know about this new luxury electric car from Draco Motors? – Engines

Like the previous electric version of 2019, this model will also be equipped with four doors. It can comfortably accommodate 5 people inside! However, Drako Motors has not shared any pictures of the interior of the new Drako Dragon. What is cooked in the pot?

For the rest, little and nothing is known. Very few details were released. We just know that the new model will be even more awesome than the one launched in 2019!

Even with regard to prices, official presentation and the number of models that will be produced for the market in the luxury segment, nothing is known yet. We will know more in the coming months. Anticipation is growing to find out what is going on in the minds of the car manufacturer in Silicon Valley!

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